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5 TV Shows Based on Comics

Comic book movies have taken over the box office with blockbuster films set in the Marvel and D.C. universes topping the charts week after week. Comics and graphic novels haven’t just left their mark on the big screen. They have also spawned several hit TV shows.

1. “Stargirl”

“Stargirl” is a series created by Geoff Johns based on the character Courtney Whitmore from the world of DC Comics. It originally debuted on the DC Universe streaming service and then moved to The CW in its second season. It follows the story of how a teenage girl inspires a new generation of superheroes called the Justice Society of America.  

2. “WandaVision”

“WandaVision” quickly became a watercooler show when it debuted on the Disney+ platform in 2021. This limited series revolves around “Avengers” characters Wanda Miximoff and Vision and is the first television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be produced by Marvel Studios. The series stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in the same roles they played on the big screen. Critics and fans alike heaped praise on the show which received 23 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

3. “The Walking Dead”

While this post-apocalyptic horror series has lost some steam in its final seasons, “The Walking Dead” almost single-handedly revived the zombie genre and was one of the biggest hits on television for its first few seasons. The show tells the story of a group of survivors trying to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse. The undead are terrifying, but it is often the other living people who are the biggest threat. There is plenty of gore and violence to go around, scattered amongst a tale of rebuilding human civilization. The show is headed for its final season, but the story continues in the spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

4. “Riverdale”

This teen drama is a darker take on the saccharine sweet characters from the classic Archie Comics. The series exposes the supernatural and sometimes murderous side of the seemingly idyllic town of Riverdale. The show was a hit with teenage viewers when it debuted in 2017 and has since spawned two spinoff shows. 

5. “The Boys”

This Amazon Prime Video series is based on the comics “The Boys,” which were published between 2006 and 2012. It revolves around a team of young vigilantes battling people whose superpowers have corrupted them. The show, which features adult themes and graphic violence, has become one of the most popular on the streaming platform. “The Boys” has garnered critical praise for its storyline, performances, writing and dark humor and a spinoff series is being produced.

If you need something to tide you over until the next blockbuster film is released, or you’d like to delve a bit deeper into the stories of your favorite superheroes, one of these TV shows may be perfect for you. The excellent production values and memorable performances have made these series a hit even among non-fans of the genre. If you also want to enjoy reading a copy of a comic blockbuster, just search for collectibles stores near me and grab one!

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