5 Very Useful Drill Attachments You Should Get

A power drill is a very convenient tool, especially for heavy tasks requiring more specialized work. You can use a drill alongside various attachments that you can customize depending on what you need to work on. Power drill attachments do not only include various sizes of drills for boring holes, but you can also use attachments for cleaning, polishing, sanding, and a lot more. 

This article will discuss five handy drill attachments you should get for daily tasks. 

1.  Paint Mixer Attachment

Mixing large amounts of paint by hand is difficult, and a paint-mixing machine is a bit expensive. A paint mixer attachment for your drill is a great and cheap investment. Not only do you save time, but you also save yourself from doing the hard work of mixing paint manually. 

You can also use a paint mixer attachment to mix other liquids. Compared to doing it by hand, using this attachment to blend liquids will ensure a more consistent and even mix.

2. Flexible Drill Extension

Sometimes, you have to work on places with tight spaces where a normal drill would not fit in or would have trouble functioning properly. The workaround for this is using flexible drill extensions. 

Flexible drill extensions come in various sizes and can be used for different purposes. They can bend, twist, and spin at different angles. These extensions are handy in boring holes or tightening screws in hard-to-reach places such as the inside of your engine bay, furniture interior, ceilings, or walls. 

A flexible drill attachment works by spinning the shaft inside, letting you easily work on awkward spaces without forcing your hand or the drill to fit in. You can find them in almost every hardware store or when you shop power tool accessories online. 

3. Brush Drill Attachment

A power drill is not only used for industrial and construction projects. You can also utilize them for various purposes in your home, such as cleaning.

With the use of a brush drill attachment, cleaning and scrubbing are made a lot easier. You may have difficulty scrubbing some old stains and dirt in the kitchen or the bathroom by hand. However, with the help of a drill brush, these will be removed in seconds. 

Drill brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also soft and hard brushes that you can choose from depending on the kind of surface you are cleaning. 

4. Buffer Drill Attachment

Hand waxing and polishing surfaces such as your car’s paint is a taxing procedure that doesn’t yield the best results. If you want a less expensive alternative to specially-made polishers, consider buffing and polishing a car with a drill.

Using your drill to buff and polish your car offers a more adjustable surface repair and a significantly greater finish than hand scrubbing and shining. A buffer drill attachment will also help finish the job much quicker and easier.

5. Drill Guide

If you enjoy doing your home improvement projects, you know how annoying a crooked borehole can be. Both novice and seasoned carpenters may find it challenging to operate a drill once you press the power button. No matter how carefully and exactly we label the boreholes, if the drill machine suddenly moves on its own ever so slightly, you may still miss your target. 

There are drill presses used to create precise holes in wood, but these are expensive and are mainly used for industrial purposes. They also need to be more portable for home use. Thankfully, this is when a drill guide is useful. With its ability to create straighter and more accurately oriented holes, a portable drill guide will give you competence and assurance for your upcoming projects.


Power drills are used not only for boring holes or tightening screws but also for cleaning, polishing, mixing paint, and much more. There are a lot of attachments available that you can choose from, depending on what you are working on. 

You may use a mixing attachment to blend paint easily or a drill brush to clean surfaces efficiently. For polishing, there are also buffing attachments that provide you with results that you cannot achieve manually. Lastly, a drill guide and a flexible drill extension help in making your drilling jobs easier and more precise. With the right attachments, the possibilities are practically endless.

Christopher Stern

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