5 Virtual Team Building Activities That Remote Teams Will Enjoy in 2023

Both on-site and remote teams should engage in team-building activities, although the latter are especially important. Teams that work on-site interact in the office and see each other most days of the week. Since they are deprived of this, remote employees are more likely to experience loneliness, which can negatively impact their performance.

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We’ve put together a list of five virtual team building activities and games that you may use to increase morale when working remotely. So, if you want to bring your remote team together, keep reading!

Top 5 Virtual Team Building Activities and Games

Although there are clear barriers to team-building with remote teams, many more solutions are available. Companies had to get inventive and discover ways to operate online during the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to many online team-building exercises for the workplace, many of which are still in use today.

We’ve listed five virtual team-building ideas below. Some you could organize outside of work hours, while others would be terrific team building activities for work conference calls. The options are limitless!

1. Fun Trivia Quizzes 

A traditional trivia contest is usually much fun, and it can serve as a great team-building activity online and a good diversion from work demands. It allows your team members to have some much-needed fun while getting to know one another better.

Quizzes are enjoyable team-building activities that may be held via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams without sophisticated software. You’re sure to have a blast whether you organize a general knowledge or pop culture quiz, test your staff on the background of your business, or both!

2. Online Escape Rooms

One of the best ideas for virtual team events is using online escape rooms. In addition to being much fun, they will encourage teamwork among your members, improving morale and cooperation.

You have a fixed amount of time to solve the puzzles and riddles in an online escape room. These puzzles make excellent creative team-building exercises because your employees need to speak with one another to complete them, which requires collaboration. Many escape rooms have fun themes of their own as well!

 3. Virtual Wellness Sessions

Working alone can quickly lead to loneliness. A virtual wellness session can be something to think about if you’re searching for a work-from-home team-building activity that will lift your team members’ spirits and general well-being. These fast virtual team-building exercises with a wellness focus are advantageous for several reasons.

The majority of the time, a professional leads online wellness sessions. Guided meditation may be used to start the session before moving into some breathing techniques. Your staff can be provided with the tools to handle low moods when working alone through brief virtual team building exercises focusing on well-wellbeing.

 4. Get Cozy With a Tiny Campfire

When the pandemic began, the team at decided to provide a novel team-building activity to businesses: the little campfire. In a novel approach, this activity encourages the development of online communities.

Teams are requested to participate in an online camp after receiving gourmet s’mores kits. The following 90 minutes will be spent by the squad participating in games and activities directed by a “Camp Counselor.” Your staff members will undoubtedly become closer after participating in this unusual virtual team-building activity.

 5. Include Some Fun Icebreakers in Meetings

Consider asking a few icebreaker questions during team meetings if you’re seeking virtual team-building exercises you can fit into your workday. It can be really helpful to get your team members to get along by asking a few lighthearted, amusing questions.

Two truths and a lie, quick questions, or “Would you rather?” are icebreaker questions that can be used as the basis for remote team-building exercises. These enjoyable games allow workers to get to know one another and are perfect for 5-minute team-building exercises, whether they take place virtually or not. These enjoyable suggestions can also be integrated into team-building meetings for on-site teams.

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