5 Ways Aluminum Bottles Are Better For You Than Plastic

Plastic has always been a convenience for the world by offering air-tight seal and water-proof packaging, bags for carrying groceries, toys, gadgets, and much more. But now, with major climate changes occurring around the world, people realize the drastic effects of plastic on our environment. 

Plastic bottles litter our environment with toxic material that won’t ever fully degrade; they are dangerous for our health and the environment. 

Many major businesses are now replacing plastic with more sustainable and recyclable material. One of those sustainable materials is aluminum; aluminum bottles now replace plastic bottles containing water and other liquids. 

How Are Aluminum Bottles Better than Plastic?

Aluminum is one of the most readily-available solutions for sustainable packaging in place of plastic. An aluminum bottle does not have much weight difference from plastic ones and is just as portable. An aluminum bottle even looks classier and trendier than plastic ones. Listed below are some ways aluminum bottles are better for you than plastic.

  1. Aluminum Bottles Are Sustainable 

Aluminum is a highly sustainable material, unlike some products which are called eco-friendly but are harmful to the environment. While recycled, it takes only 5% of the energy and resources to mine new aluminum. 

Aluminum does not release harmful chemicals to the environment while degrading and leaves fewer carbon footprints. Most recycling facilities also accept aluminum bottles, unlike some cups and takeout boxes.

  1. They Are Recyclable 

Aluminum is naturally mined and is endlessly recyclable. Most of the aluminum produced is still being used today as the material is continuously recycled into different products like aluminum trays, bottles, cooking foils, etc. 

Unlike aluminum cans, which are usually lined with plastic to prevent metal corrosion, aluminum bottles are completely recyclable.

  1. It Can Be Reused 

Apart from being recycled, an aluminum bottle can be reused again without any harmful effects; give the bottle a good wash, and be ready to be reused. Aluminum bottles can also be reused as flower vases, storing other liquids like cooking oil, pencil holder, etc. 

Even if the bottles are scratched or dented, just paint on them or stick a printed design, and they are perfect for reuse.

  1. It Can Hold Hot and Cold Drinks Longer

Aluminum bottles can maintain hot and cold temperatures way better than plastic bottles because of their thermal conductivity. Therefore, aluminum bottles are perfect for keeping your cold smoothies and detox water in summers or warm tea and soups in ice-cold winters.

  1. Aluminum Bottles Don’t Leak Chemicals 

Aluminum bottles don’t leak any harmful chemicals in our bodies or the environment, unlike plastic bottles, which have been found to release carcinogens into things. Aluminum bottles safely store the liquid it holds, and they don’t release any toxic substances into the environment. 

Final Words

Using aluminum bottles, you can be reassured that you are not harming and polluting the environment. Aluminum has numerous benefits, both for our health and the environment. With the ever-increasing concerns about plastic materials and packaging, it is time to replace them with other sustainable options.

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