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6 Amazing Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software

Employees are the lifeblood of any business and organization. As such, it’s important to attract and accept the right talent for your business’s prosperity. This is easier said than done, but most businesses manage to pull through with considerable success.

Unfortunately, most companies get too wrapped up in the recruitment process and forget all about onboarding. Employee onboarding is the process by which companies integrate new employees into their workforce.

It involves getting the employees up to speed on their responsibilities, work tools, and work culture. Employee onboarding is just as important as recruitment. In fact, 69% of employees will remain in a company for more than three years because of a comprehensive onboarding process.

Onboarding hastens the transition of new hires into your company so they can be familiar with the culture and business operations. The process is made a lot easier with onboarding software. This is special software that oversees the entire onboarding process for the business’s benefit

Today, we’ll be highlighting a few amazing benefits of onboarding software and why adopting it is a good idea.

What Is Onboarding Software?

As mentioned above, onboarding software is a type of software that coordinates onboarding for new hires. The software uses a digital dashboard that allows employers to monitor the progress of their new employees. It not only keeps track of essential metrics but also achieves various key functions, including:

Processing payroll and storing payroll information

Checking employee eligibility

Showing compliance insights

Processing employee benefits

Since the software is based on the onboarding process, it only deals with new hires. Onboarding software ensures that new employees are slowly but surely integrated into the company. 

What Are the Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software?

There are plenty of reasons why onboarding software is all the rage with businesses today. The software boasts immense benefits for businesses of all sizes. Some benefits of onboarding software include:

1. Allows Proper Support for New Employees

Support has always been an integral part of the onboarding process. Most new employees need a guiding hand to show them the ins and outs of company operations. Onboarding software helps new hires seamlessly connect with the support team.

By providing employees with direct connections to support teams, the software fosters a more supportive environment for fresh hires. This translates to a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities for improved productivity.

2. Ensures Complete Compliance

The federal government has strict laws concerning employee compliance. Failing to adhere to these laws could lead to heavy fines of up to $500,000. This is an amount that not many businesses are willing to lose.

However, most companies are unaware that their operations violate compliance laws. Proper onboarding software ensures that all compliance policies are met to the letter. The software tracks every step of the onboarding process to ensure your company is fully compliant. 

Since everything is automated, checking up on compliance will be a breeze. This will go a long way in helping you sidestep those hefty fines.

3. Generates Reports to Give Insight Into your New Hires

Onboarding software provides the means for you to check on your new employees’ progress. The software tracks their progress in real-time then generates reports. These reports should give you a clear picture of the kind of employee you’ve hired for the job.

The reports aren’t meant to disparage or instill fear in employees. Instead, they’re meant to identify pain points that your new employees need to work on. You can focus your training on these areas for better performance from your employees.

4. Makes Information Easily Accessible to New Hires

We mentioned a digital dashboard earlier, which is the prominent feature of onboarding software. Well, this dashboard acts as a repository for all the information your new employees need for work. They can log on to the software and find whatever they need right there.

This is much better than manually handing out documents to introduce employees to their specific responsibilities. What’s more, you can easily update any new developments on the dashboard, and employees will get instant notifications.

With ready information at their fingertips, employees will work more effectively to achieve the company’s financial goals. Don’t forget to include information on your mission, core principles, and organizational policies. 

5. Centralizes Paperwork

The onboarding process usually involves mountains of paperwork to ensure employees transition seamlessly into their roles and responsibilities. Making sure all your fresh hires receive, read and sign their paperwork is a lot of work. A proper onboarding software, like WorkBright, will make all this a walk in the park.

The software provides a platform for making all necessary documents available to your new hires. All they have to do is log into the portal and get their paperwork. They can use digital signatures to sign important documents then send them back to the relevant parties.

A centralized place for paperwork makes handling documentation much easier. It also saves recruits from the confusion of dealing with redundant documents. Once they’re done with the paperwork, they can save everything online.

6. Saves a Lot of Time

It’s no secret, most of the talks in the onboarding process are mundane and repetitive. This is not only tiring but also wastes a lot of time. Onboarding software helps eliminate the redundancy of certain tasks hence saving a lot of time. 

Remember, the onboarding process breaks down into several steps that you have to do over and over.  The software will automate the entire process so you can take a huge load off. This will help save you a lot of time so you can focus on more important things.

Embrace Onboarding Software Today

If you’re looking to streamline your onboarding process, then look no further than employee onboarding software. With all the above benefits, you’d be insane not to adopt one for your company. Once you get the hang of it, onboarding will be a cakewalk for your company.

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