6 Celebrities and The Fashion Label That They Wear

Celebrities have a flair for style and fashion. We see so many of them wearing the big labels during red carpet and social events. They even flaunt their designer’s dresses in their every public appearance. Being the celebrities, they want people to take notice of them and this is why they wear the best outfits made from A-list fashion designers and brands. 

People look up to the celebrities to take inspiration from their style statement and fashion mantras. Some good examples from recent past would be the look of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. His leather jacket with custom made patches became the talk of the town after the film was released. And who can forget the Polka Dots and leather boots of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. In a nutshell, celebrities have the power to influence new fashion trends.

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But what fashion designers and labels do the celebrities wear? Let’s get the answer in this write-up.

Lady Gaga (Armani)

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous apparels that she loves wearing on red carpets and her other public appearances. We have seen her in meat dress in 2010 MTV Video Music Award. We have seen her in inside-out dress in 2009 ACE Awards. And we have seen her in molded plastic gown during the launch of her ARTPOP album in 2013. Every time she is on the red carpet, she becomes the hot topic for the fashion critics.

So what fashion brands she trusts for her style sense? While she had tried several designers over all these years, she has a particular liking for Armani. The fashion label has dressed Lady Gaga for her many red carpet appearances. Whether it is her Privé Gown in 2018 Grammys or her body suit in 2010 Grammy Awards, Armani has dressed Lady Gaga in all her memorable avatars.

Jennifer Lopez (Zuhair Murad)

Jennifer Lopez has tried different fashion labels over the past many years. She has rocked the red carpet during the 1990s and 2000s. Her Versace dress in 2000 Grammy Awards stole the show and became the most-talked outfit of the time.

Her style profile has changed with time and she has experimented many different fashion labels who designed some classy outfits for the style diva. Recently, she was seen wearing outfits from Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad who has reinvented her look with his bold designs. 

We saw her in 2010 Met Gala wearing Zuhair Murad. We saw her in the designer’s black gown in 2015 Grand Finale of American Idol. And who can forget the Zuhair’s lace gown worn by J Lo during 2015 Golden Globe Awards. The pop star is having the best fashion moments nowadays thanks to the maestro Zuhair Murad.

Taylor Swift (Reformation)

Taylor Swift has wowed us every time she appears on red carpet or performs on stage. Whether it is her curly updo, her cat-eye look or her fondness for red lipstick, she has topped the style lists over all these years. Recently, she has attached to Reformation label to stylize her looks for the red carpet and music shows. She was seen wearing the brand on her Instragram profile that has more than 100 million of followers. 

Her midi dresses deserve a special mention as she looked stunning in the outfit. Seeing her recent Instragram posts, we can say that Reformation is the label that will remain in style book of Taylor Swift for quite some time from now.

Meghan Markle (J.Crew)

From being a Hollywood star to becoming the Duchess of Sussex, the style profile of Meghan Markle has gone through several changes. But one thing has remained unchanged and that is her sense of panache. Now that she is a princess, she constantly remains under the radar of paparazzi.

Being the face of British royalty, she only trusts big fashion labels that can do justice with her sense of style. Currently, she is love with J.Crew and owns a range of apparels from this brand. We have seen her wearing the coat by this brand as well as many clothing pieces that she dons on her city tours and foreign trips.

Beyoncé (LaQuan Smith)

The queen of pop and a fashion icon of millions of people, Beyoncé has tried a number of fashion designers before settling to LaQuan Smith, a luxury fashion designer who is known for dressing the most celebrated style divas including the likes of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Christina Milian.

But Beyoncé remained her most loyal client and she even walked the ramp for his label on several times. Her collaboration with LaQuan Smith created some of the most iconic dresses of Beyoncé’s career. The pop girl frequently wears LaQuan Smith and shares those moments on her Instagram profile. 

From bodysuit and spandex to wrap dress and gown, we have seen her in some of the chicest outfits made under the labels and custom patches of LaQuan Smith.

Rihanna (Adam Selman)

No other fashion celebrity has achieved more popularity than Rihanna. The pop star has experimented with her looks from time to time. She emerged on the fashion scene in 2003 and has changed her looks to suit the emerging style trends and growing music fads. 

Her flair for bold dressing has earned her the title of style diva of modern era and she has kept elevating her style profile with passing years to become the reigning queen of fashion world.

Rihanna has worked with a number of designers and fashion labels in all her music career. Among her favorite designers included Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci. Recently, she joined hands with many upmarket fashion designers. Among them, her most liked designer is Adam Selman. 

Rihanna herself owns a fashion label. So if she endorses someone as her favorite designer, then he must have the pedigree to be in her good books. Rihanna has worn outfits made by Adam Selman in many of her red carpet appearances. She also graced the designer’s ramp show wearing some of his best designs. And we know how cool she looks on the Instagram in the outfits from Adam Selman.

Celebrities are trendsetters in the fashion world. They set new fashion trends, reinvent old trends and define the future of fashion. They have to carry the weight of being a celebrity and they have to make their style choices wisely. The abovementioned celebrities rely on some of the finest fashion designers and labels and we must say that those fashion designers and labels truly justify their choice.

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