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6 Essential Pieces Of Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have In Her List!

Love, elegance, and abundance are all celebrated in weddings. Everything about a wedding, starting from the theme, is of enormous importance to make the day memorable. The bride is, without a doubt, the most important part of any wedding. As she makes her way down the aisle, everyone’s attention is focused on her and her timeless beauty. This collection of must-have bridal jewellery set for women tobe will help you look lovely and ethereal on your wedding day, no matter where the ceremony takes place.

Maang Tika

A Maang Tikka on the forehead is a must-have for any bride. You can wear maang tikkas to divide your hair, and their old-world elegance will transport you back to another era. Depending on your facial features, you can choose from a wide variety of maang tikka patterns and styles. With a large, rounded forehead, you should choose for a larger tikka piece. If your forehead is smaller than typical, a lighter maang tikka will look beautiful and lovely. 


Necklaces are another must-have piece of jewellery for the Indian bride. Your appearance is enhanced by a well-made and gorgeous traditional necklace. A necklace not only dazzles on your neck but also accentuates your entire appeal. You can select a necklace based on your personal preference for jewellery and the overall look of your outfit. In addition to traditional jewellery like as bib necklaces, the jadavi lacha, mango haaram, and addigai are also popular.

Rani Haar

Number Three Rani haar, as the name implies, is a piece of jewellery worn by the queens of India. Raani haars are magnificent neckpieces that catch the attention of onlookers and passersby alike. It is much longer and more impressive-looking than a simple chain necklace, with multiple strands and a pendant to boot. Ruby, Emerald, or even Diamond and Pearl Raani Haars are incredibly beautiful and have an air of royalty to them. 


With a stunning necklace or an elaborately embellished haar, it is imperative that the ears are not left unadorned. Your earring should compliment the necklace and other jewellery, but should not necessarily be heavy or projecting. You have to wear your earrings all day, so make sure they are light enough that you can wear them all day without them bothering you. After determining your level of comfort, you can play around with other designs.


There’s no need to remind anyone that bangles are a thing. Indian brides are noted for their finest, most luxurious ethnic bangles. When she wears the clinky, glimmering jewellery that has been handcrafted to adorn her arms, a traditional bride is a sight to behold. In India, there is no shortage of creative bangle designs or latest jewellery set. There are numerous styles to choose from, such as the northern Indian chooda or polki bangles or the classic Kerala kappu. 

Kamarbandh or waistband

Indicative of the waistband In terms of wedding jewellery, waistbands are the most sensual. It’s possible to find them in a variety of styles, including layered, thin, studded, and beaded. They cinch in your waist and draw attention to both your outfit and your waistline. A stunning kamarbandh is the most enticing piece of jewellery since it looks great with sarees and lehengas and accentuates your torso.

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