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6 Interesting Interior Design Facts You Should Know

From why colours matter to functionality vs aesthetics!

Whether you’re planning on building a new home for yourself, or renovating and redecorating the space you’ve been living in for years, here are 6 interesting things about interior design in general that you should know.

Colours can make or break your room

Colours are what give a room its character. They can transform a space and create a complete environment within it, as Tilottoma Interiors in Dhaka notes repeatedly in their blog posts.

For example, an accent wall is a great way to catch eyeballs and establish an atmosphere inside a room. And what is the number one feature of an accent wall? The colour!

Similarly, painting the walls of your bedroom in dark green creates a peaceful feeling, helping you fall asleep.

Plants are a room design asset

Indoor plants have a number of features that make them a great fit for almost any kind of room decor and design.

One, they fit almost all design styles – from traditional to modern and even minimalist.

Two, they’re easy to maintain.

Three, they can filter dirt and some germs, and even keep room temperature ambient, acting as a natural air conditioner.

So, make sure to create space for a plant or two in your room.

Design and decoration are not the same

In the context of bangladesh house design, we often use these terms interchangeably, but the fact is that they’re not the same.

Interior design is a specialised subject that focuses on creating functionally efficient AND aesthetically pleasing spaces for you.

Whereas room decor is a generic term for anyone that claims to be able to make your room look better. Interior decorators are not concerned with functionality.

Speaking of functionality…

Functionality vs aesthetics

Very simply, if you design a room to look great but without keeping efficiency in mind, you may not be able to live in it, or use it.

Take the living room, where guests are to be entertained.

It looks like a hotel room, but there are a lot of decorative tables and chairs that get in the way of someone moving around it.

Will a guest enjoy the experience?

Natural lighting is important!

It is important to have natural lighting in your rooms for several reasons, including…

  • It’s good for your health.
  • It lowers power bills.
  • It can make a room look larger than it is.

So, remember to ensure adequate natural light in your rooms!

Details matter!

Details can make your room highly efficient and come to life.

For example the spacing between drawers and cabinets may not seem significant at first…but without adequate space between them, you’ll find they’ll hit each other when opened.

So, make sure all the details from space to textures and colours are decided before the actual work begins!

Important design facts

There could be many other facts, from what kind of texture is suitable for which room to where you should source furniture and labour from.

What facts about interior design do YOU think are important?

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