6 Popular web app development trends to note for your project

With approx 5 billion internet users around the globe &1.58 billion sites running in the world wide web, it’s undeniable to admit that the fascination for websites will continue to outpace the ever-changing digital space. 

Witnessing the rapid evolution of website development technologies & tools, almost every seasoned programmer seems to come up with new methodologies and techniques to deliver stunning & scalable websites with engaging features. 

When it’s getting tougher to exemplify online presence for entrepreneurs, a professional-looking website or web app with a couple of out-of-box features comes at a rescue to mark their business visibility across the digital landscape. 

Well, there is a lot of anticipation wrapped around the latest web development trends just like every year. So, what are you waiting for?

 Let’s give you a quick glance of top 6 trends every web developer must follow in 2021. 

List of popular web development trends every programmer must know 

1 The necessity to integrate AI-based chatbots 

Both Artificial Intelligence & chatbots collaborate to shape one of the most interesting web development trends not only for 2021 but also for the coming years. No doubt modern websites will be embracing AI chatbots to improve CX of online visitors with combined attributes of machine learning projects, information rendering, & human-like language processing techniques. 

Upon leveraging AI-powered chatbots, website owners can establish seamless communication to resolve customer queries & welcome new visitors with interactive voice or text chats. 

2 The domination of Progressive web app technology 

The craze for PWAs is making new records day by day. While the majority of best-known brands such as Starbucks, Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, etc. have already revamped their existing websites into PWAs, most emerging startups & SMEs are on the way to join the trend with relevance to their web app development projects. 

For your general information, programmers are using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, or other advanced technologies & programming languages to create PWAs. 

3 More power to Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Although Accelerated Mobile Page was first introduced by Google in 2015, it secured its position among top web development trends for this year. 

The quest for super-fast online experiences among web visitors encourages techies to incorporate AMP in their web solutions. The reason is the potential of Google’s AMP to drop bounce rate with enhanced user experience simultaneously. This will further result in improved business metrics & overall conversions on web pages. 

4 Addition of Voice search functionality  

A survey report by Rand View Research predicts that 55% of households will be using voice assistance by the end of 2022. Voice search is not a new thing to discuss but yes, it is worth mentioning among top web development trends. The surging popularity graph of voice search makes it a must-have feature to integrate in every online platform or web portal running live on Google. 

The role of intelligent & smart virtual assistants such as Siri & Alexa matched the consumer demands while browsing through a no. of products or services across a website. 

5 Inclusion of serverless technology 

The present-day programmers always seek latest technologies & methodologies to conduct full-scale web development for their esteemed clients. The innovation of serverless technology is a breakthrough for those who’re desirous to nullify the risks of system overloading, high development expenses, data loss, security breaches, & more. 

Hence, there are no puzzlements to mark serverless technology as one amongst the top web development trends for 2021. 

6 Designing for dark mode feature 

Low-light websites or you can say a website in dark mode have been garnering stupendous popularity for the past few years. As similar to apps using dark mode, more and more websites are also showcasing dark mode user interface designs in 2021. 

Facebook & Twitter both implemented dark mode features & there are numerous brands who’re planning to incorporate this much-needed with their web development project. 

Summing Up!

Now it’s time to wrap up the list of top web app development trends you must follow to stay productive for your project. If you’re a business person then hiring a skilled & smart programmer at a reputed company like Appventurez is the best approach to meet your business goals with best-class web & mobile app solutions.  

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