6 Printing Essentials for Manufacturing Companies

Let’s start by establishing an important fact. No matter how much the headlines tell you otherwise, print is most certainly NOT dead. Printing industry statistics from IBISWorld show a 3.6% rise in market shares from 2017. Indeed, the global industry of print is expected to cross over $821 billion in 2022, with revenue from print products increasing at an annual rate of 18% trade show table covers.

These are truly impressive statistics that emphasize just how significant a role that print products still play in our general industries. From the education sector to hospitals, offices, and even manufacturing companies – print products are essential for all of their long term success. Despite the success of the digital world, people still find an appeal in traditional print media and often consider it more legitimate than online reports.

This is especially true in the manufacturing sector when companies are constantly required to print progress and prediction reports, sales brochures, product details etc. Your company, whether it’s involved with fabrication, assembly, forging or finishing will also need to create marketing tools, sales information, and company letterheads for any official documents.

Customized print products come in very handy throughout this process, allowing your business to look highly professional and successful through traditional print.

So, without further ado, here are some printing essentials for manufacturing companies in 2022.

Top Printing Essentials for Your Manufacturing Company

1.   Print Catalogues & Brochures

Printed catalogues continue to be a true marketing powerhouse for manufacturing companies in 2022.

A catalogue has the power to tell your story and inspire your customers. Marketers and sales experts often consider a catalogue to be your best opportunity to reel in clients and ensure success for your company. This is because due to the fact that catalogues allow you to form a connection with your target customers.

Although the quality of your products and merchandise determines whether customers make a purchase or not, it is the catalogue that actually brings them to your doors. Catalogues offer the tangibility and effectiveness of direct mail while also acting as an omnichannel campaigning tool for your business. They can do an excellent job of driving traffic to your websites and ensuring customers pick up your products instead of your competitors.

2.   Direct Mail

Reaching out to potential or repeating customers over a direct channel doesn’t just increase your visibility; it also allows your company to form a long-lasting connection. Our world of constant advancement has created a huge market of options for customers. People no longer need to rely on a single company or pick out products from a limited set of choices.

With this increased competition weighing heavily on your business, the best way to stand out and create a solid clientele for yourself is through direct, personalized connections with your customers. Direct mail helps you achieve this by being one of the cheapest, yet most effective elements of any company marketing strategy.

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people open their direct mail, which naturally puts your company at the benefit of receiving high visibility with increased chances of sales conversions.

Additionally, you can customize your direct mail with a variety of different goals, e.g.  product launch announcements, invitations, vouchers etc.

3.   Sales Flyers

Are you looking for a print product that won’t make a significant dent in your marketing budget yet still offers high effectiveness? A printed sales flyer is your ideal choice to add to your marketing plan.

Sales flyers are some of the cheapest marketing tools when you consider the cost per impression as they are distributed. Flyers can easily boost the sales for a manufacturing company by up to 1.25% for every 1000 flyers given to potential customers.

They help you make an impactful first impression on a wide demographic of people at one time, leading to an instant boost in sales for your company.

Flyers also act as an excellent networking tool, allowing you a tangible means of passing your company details out to a large audience. Since flyers aren’t technology-dependent, they can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This increases the return they offer on your marketing and sales investments.

4.   User Manuals

As a manufacturing firm, your company will be producing different products and goods for sales. These products could be simple and easy to use or more complicated goods that cannot be used without instructions.

If your manufacturing plant produces such complicated goods, then user manuals are some of the essential print products for your business. These manuals can come in numerous variations, like user guides, quick start-up guides, getting started manuals, instruction manuals etc.

They basically offer your customers a booklet with hopefully clear, concise, step-by-step instructions on how to operate the products in the correct manner.

Along with offering instructions, a user manual also informs your clients of potential safety hazards and dangers, providing a clear warning of how to not use the products, how to maintain it or them well, and what areas of application work best for the product.

While it may seem like it’s solely for the customer’s benefit, this isn’t necessarily true.

Here are the benefits your company will receive by including a user manual in the product package:

  • Eliminates the risk of legal troubles.
  • Saves time on customer services.
  • Improves company image.
  • Increases the credibility of your manufacturing business.

5.   Annual Reports

This is a print product meant solely for your internal operations.

Annual reports offer a detailed look at your company’s progress over the last financial or tax term.

It contains in-depth content that discusses your management, operations, company performance, and finances. These reports often compare your company’s performance in the current year to the last 2-3 years for a better understanding of your progress.

While these reports are focused on ensuring your company is on the right track and has met your yearly goals set for the term, they also do a great job of attracting investors.

Once your annual report is ready, you will be required to submit it to the Financial Services Authority in your region. This ensures that the data is available to all of your stakeholders, potential investors, and even the general public, should they choose to view it.

6.   Trade Show Event Materials

Trade shows are some of the best marketing events for manufacturing companies. They offer you the perfect platform to showcase your products and allow customers as well as investors to have a closer look at their quality and functionality.

If you have a trade show coming up, one of the best ways to prepare is by investing in the right trade show materials. Trade show materials are print products that can have a significant impact on the success of your trade show presence.

They offer you the opportunity to stand out among the other exhibitioners and ensure that visitors remember your goods long after they have left the event, and hopefully follow-up afterwards.

Through trade show event materials, you can attract more people to come to your sales booth or trade stand and try out your products and meet your staff. They also serve as excellent networking tools to pass around to potential stakeholders and investors.

Some of the best printing essentials for manufacturing companies at a trade show are:

  • Product detail flyers
  • Branded samples
  • Business Cards
  • Special offer cards
  • Notepads
  • Name tags

Final Words

The importance of print materials for the manufacturing sector is quite evident. You need print products in nearly every department of your business, be it the sales and marketing team, the financial headquarters, or even for general operations.

If you’re searching for reliable and cost-effective printing services for events and manufacturing companies in the UK, look no further than Trade Printing UK. They offer high-quality print collateral at some of the best prices for the manufacturing sector across the country.

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