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6 Reasons to Choose Australia as Your Next Destination

A lot of work, stress and lack of time to enjoy life a little? If you can relate to all of this, maybe thinking about a break can be the key to breathing for the day to day! How about traveling and choosing the next destination based on a true escape from your comfort zone?

Following this idea, Australia is the perfect place for you to discover a part of the world full of enchantments in the midst of nature, and at the same time, able to offer some of the best experiences of your lif, and improve your English with the possibility of studying in Australia will be another point in favor of visiting the country. It is worth emphasizing that in Australia it is possible to work with a student visa. Lived up, didn’t you? So, check out some more good reasons to get you there!

1. Welcoming cities

Is there anything better than visiting a place and being welcomed by the locals? Well, Australia is known worldwide for having as a strong characteristic its people, who are receptive to tourists and newly arrived foreigners to settle in the country. So, you can imagine that it will be a little easier to adapt there, right?

Another very nice detail of the Australians is that the climate directly influences people’s mood – the country always has pleasant temperatures and, even in winter, it usually doesn’t have less than 7℃ at night, that is, people are more willing during the year.

2. Vast coastline

Rest, shade and fresh water. Australia is that and more! With a vast coastline, there are plenty of beaches for those who like to spend days and days on the soft white sand, and still have the blue sea as a backdrop. It is noteworthy that many Australians live in the coastal region of the country and that this is extremely normal there.

This means that you are likely to have great experiences involving the beautiful Australian beaches. Not to mention that if what you’re looking for is to relax and disconnect a little from your routine, facing sunny days in a new country is one of the best remedies to recharge your energy and be ready for new adventures!

3. New time zone

Here’s another totally different point to choose Australia as your next destination: the time zone! As the country is located in Oceania and far from Brazil, it is normal that there are a few hours of difference between Australian and Brazilian life. To give you an idea, going to Australia for a season means “living in the future”.

And no wonder: the Canberra time zone, for example, which is the country’s capital, is 11 hours ahead of the Brazilian clock. In Sydney, the best known and most important Australian city, it takes 10 hours to separate what happens there and here in Brazil. In other words, you will always be two feet ahead in Australia and literally living in the future. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Cooking

Theoretically, Australia is a new country. Having gained independence from the UK in 1901, much of its cultural and gastronomic side is still in the process of being built. However, this does not mean that some dishes have been consumed for years, since the first people who inhabited the region.

This is the case for everything that involves seafood, which is extremely popular with Australians. A great example are the oysters, always available and, better yet, fresh and delicious! And do you know what is even more perfect with this delicacy? Taste Australian wines, which are mostly refreshing!

However, don’t miss the Asian cuisine, which is very present throughout Australia, with touches of originality that will delight you. It’s worth getting lost in the restaurants scattered throughout the cities.

5. The language

Well, if you’ve chosen Australia as the next destination for your well-deserved rest, get ready to improve your English a lot. As this is the official language of the country, it will be easy to develop even more skills with the language that, by the way, is one of the most important in the world.

This will definitely help you to get better job opportunities in the future and why not, right there in Australia? And all because with a student visa you can work there. But then you ask yourself: if I’m going to rest, why am I going to work?

For starters, just the fact that you’re changing your routine helps alleviate everyday stress. Also, keep in mind that you can earn a few Australian dollars to enjoy your stay even more by traveling around the country, shopping and even investing in some small free courses that will make all the difference to your curriculum and also to your life bag .

6. Sydney

We cannot fail to include one of the most vibrantabd student cities in the world in the main reasons to visit Australia: Sydney. There are people who claim that the city has the most beautiful sunset there is, as well as breathtaking architecture for travelers and locals alike. The praise is certainly not enough, as Sydney is truly amazing.

In addition to all this, the nightlife in the city is relentless, making it a perfect destination for young people who want to have unique and unforgettable experiences during their season in the country. People from all over the world are also present on the city’s streets, transforming your stay into another opportunity to make different friendships.

With all these reasons to choose Australia as the next destination on your travel list, it’s going to be hard to want to go back there, isn’t it? Also, keep in mind that another must-have activity on your schedule is getting to know the kangaroos up close! These animals so fast and typical of the Australian lands promise to make you even more involved with the life of this charming, welcoming and surprising country.

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