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6 Reasons Why an Ecommerce App is better than an eCommerce Website

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A lot of new online store owners are dubious on whether they should opt for an eCommerce app or an eCommerce website. In this blog, we’ll be overviewing what they are, what are the benefits they entail, and which one is more beneficial for not just you but your customers as well.

What is eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites enable customers and companies to exchange goods and services on a specific platform, much like in a physical store. However, the major distinction between eCommerce and physical commerce is that eCommerce transactions take place totally online as opposed to at a physical location. If you’re looking to invest in an eCommerce website, you can avail our eCommerce web development services to get a quote.

Advantages of eCommerce Websites

Here are some of the advantages your business will gain with an eCommerce website.

  • Faster buying process.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Affordable advertising and marketing.
  • Flexibility for customers.
  • No reach limitations.
  • Product and price comparison.
  • Faster response to buyer/market demands.

Disadvantages of eCommerce Websites

Likewise, here is a list of disadvantages that come with owning an eCommerce website.

  • Customer Privacy and Data Security
  • Added cost of operating online
  • Building Brand credibility takes time
  • Difficult to stand out because of market saturation

What is eCommerce App

An eCommerce Mobile app is a type of software application that users install onto their mobile phones and it enables them to browse through your product or service catalog and purchase them online.

Types of eCommerce Apps

There are three basic types of eCommerce apps, B2B(business-to-business), B2C(business-to-consumer), and C2C(consumer-to-consumer). Each type of eCommerce has its own set of functions, advantages, and disadvantages.  Examples of B2B, B2C, and C2C apps are Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, respectively. 

Advantages of eCommerce Apps

Here are some of the advantages your business will get from having an eCommerce app for customers to shop on.

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Brand recognition
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Provide a personalized shopping experience
  • Better efficiency
  • Improved marketing communications
  • Offer multiple payment options

Disadvantages of eCommerce Apps

Just like Yin and Yang, with advantages, there are surely some disadvantages as well. Here are some of the disadvantages your business will face if you employ the use of an eCommerce app.

  • Data Privacy and Security Issues
  • Dependence on Internet
  • Consumers cannot physically Try or Test the Product
  • Expensive to Develop
  • Logistical Issues

Why Apps are better than Websites

Now that you’ve understood what eCommerce apps are, what eCommerce websites are, and what are the pros and cons they entail, let’s move on to discussing why you should prefer eCommerce apps over eCommerce websites.

  1. Mobile Apps are faster

Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than a website and with the growing shorter-attention span of people, every second counts. There are two reasons why mobile apps are faster than websites. One, they store data on the device locally, this enables them to fetch the data much quicker instead of accessing it through a web server using the internet. Second, the majority of mobile apps are built using the power of Javascript that is innately faster as they process data in the blink of an eye.

  1. Mobile apps can be personalized

Users love to see personalized content on their devices because it’s like offering them a tailored message in the language they speak & understand. Personalisation can be on the basis of a user’s interest, location or behavior etc. With the help of personalized communication, the businesses are able to engage their users in a better & efficient way. A website, however, is not able to communicate with the users in a personal manner.

  1. Mobile apps work offline too

A website needs to have an active internet connection in order to function and display pages, unless users have stored those pages as offline material. Mobile applications on the other hand store the data locally on a user’s device so that it can be previewed at a later time.

  1. Mobile Apps have push notification feature

Push notifications are one of the main benefits of having a mobile application for any eCommerce business. A push notification is a brief message that is delivered very immediately to the user’s device. eCommerce store owners can inform their app users of new deals, discounts, and other promotional items, as well as a new product line in an effort to drive sales. Compared to a website, the push notification is routed through the web browser, making it not as effective as the apps.

  1. Mobile Apps increase productivity

A mobile app can aid eCommerce companies in increasing productivity. How? Well, all your business processes can be automated and streamlined with an application for each individual department, such as sales, warehousing, logistics, etc. Although these procedures can be automated for websites as well, websites are less efficient due to the slow speeds and restricted functionality, unlike mobile apps which can work offline as well. 

However, you must ensure that your app developers have a solid understanding of what your business processes are if you want them to create a mobile application which can optimize your productivity.

  1. Mobile apps increase customer engagements

The level of success of any eCommerce business depends on its ability to engage customers. Any business’s sales figure in terms of repeat business and up-selling will increase as more and more customers engage with it. Additionally, a mobile application is excellent at involving customers in a company’s operations. Push notifications are one of the finest ways to increase user engagement with your app. As a result, you must make sure that the push notification feature is included in your app development proposal. A website on the other hand is not as efficient at capturing the attention of the audience due to its restricted usage and functionality.


These are 6 reasons why an eCommerce app is better than an eCommerce website. If you too want to develop an eCommerce app for your store, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us at Trango Tech to avail our eCommerce app development services and we’ll take care of all your eCommerce app related needs.

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