6 Strategic Benefits of Marketing Automation for Manufacturers

Automation of processes has always been the driving force for improvement in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is automating front and back-office processes with an ERP software or managing customer relationships with a CRM, manufacturers have constantly tried to embrace automation.

And today, they have the opportunity to boost their sales and marketing processes by introducing automation. Wondering how? The answer is marketing automation.

Essentially, marketing automation involves utilizing software to automate processes that are a critical part of your company’s marketing strategy. These software not only help to automate processes but also nurture prospects into customers. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

In this post, we will look at the various benefits of marketing automation for manufacturers. We will also shed light on how marketing automation can help manufacturers to create efficient and highly personalized marketing campaigns to convert more leads into sales. So, let’s begin.

Noteworthy Benefits of Marketing Automation for Manufacturing Companies                              

1.                  Streamline Business Operations                                                        

One of the most crucial benefits of marketing automation is that it allows manufacturers to streamline tedious tasks that are typically done by sales and marketing teams.

For instance, marketing automation can help to automate repetitive tasks such as:

·         Sending tailored messages to particular contacts

·         Email follow-ups after sales meetings

·         Setting reminders to follow up with prospects and customers

·         Nurturing prospective leads

By automating all of the aforementioned tasks, the sales and marketing teams can focus their energies on more crucial tasks such as creating informative content for their customers.

2.                  Enhanced Lead Nurturing                           

Simply improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns is not the only noteworthy benefit of marketing automation. Apart from that, it enables manufacturers to generate and convert more leads into customers.

As a prospective buyer goes through the buyer’s journey, their level of information, their interests, and the type of content they wish to receive changes. With marketing automation, marketers can easily gather data from multiple sources, such as website analytics, email marketing, and Customer Relationship Management system. Based on the gathered information, they can segment the prospects and serve them with accurate information that they are searching for at that moment.

This is an excellent way to improve the lead experience and turn more prospects into customers. Furthermore, many marketing automation software also allow marketers to assign values to potential leads, based on their likelihood to convert.

3.                  Ability to Push Highly Targeted and Relevant Information                      

As discussed above, marketing automation software helps to gather information on a prospect from various sources. Using this software, you can identify if a lead has just visited your website for the first time or is at the final stage of the buying funnel, almost ready to make a purchase.

Based on this information, marketers can send highly targeted messages to different leads that further push them down the buying funnel. This offers a personalized experience for all prospective customers and increases their likelihood of doing business with your company.

4.                  Measure Critical Analytics                               

Every business is dependent on data. And one of the best aspects of marketing automation is that it enables manufacturers to collect and analyze the data that is relevant to the success of their marketing campaign.

By receiving in-depth analytics on leads, sales, the performance of social media for manufacturers, etc., marketers can determine whether their efforts are successful or require any adjustments.

With marketing automation, you will have all data, such as your contacts, their form submissions, their website activity, etc. in a single place. This ensures that your data is up-to-date and accurate.

5.                  Enhance Your Sales Process                 

Marketing automation software deploys artificial intelligence. And this artificial intelligence improves your sales process in the following ways:

·         Gathering crucial customer information: Thanks to detailed analytics, you can find out which products or services your leads are most interested in.

·         Personalizing sales communication: With a proper understanding of how different customers are engaging with your manufacturing website, manufacturers can easily tailor sales pitches and other communications based on the segments they have created.

·         Nurturing more leads: Once the leads have entered the workflow, it becomes easier to nurture them as they are much more familiar with your company and your products.

6.                  Scaling Business Operations                            

The ultimate goal of every manufacturing company is to scale business operations and serve their customers better. With marketing automation, these companies can easily operate at scale. Whether they receive a finite number of leads or thousands of leads on a daily basis, they will have no problem quickly responding to an ever-increasing number of contact form submissions.

Manufacturing companies can create as many workflows as they require, based on their customer needs, and personalize them depending on different triggers.

Wrapping Up                    

The manufacturing industry is a niche industry with customers that have highly specific requirements. By implementing marketing automation, manufacturers can enhance their customer experience, provide personalized communication, boost business efficiency, and nurture long-lasting relationships with their customers.

At StratMg, we help to reduce your sales cycle with effective marketing and sales alignment with our marketing automation solution. You can turn your leads into sales and streamline all your marketing efforts with our dedicated solution.

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