6 Things You Should Do if Your Cargo Haven’t Arrived

The smooth functioning of any supply chain depends on copious factors. The most significant of them is clear coordination between all the members of the team, strict delivery deadlines, the use of innovative inventory technologies, etc. Yet, failures and errors occur even in the most successful companies.

If it happens that you do not receive your cargo on time, it’s not the reason to start panicking and stressing. It’s necessary to follow a definite algorithm of actions in order to minimize potential losses and stabilize the functioning of the supply chain.

  1. Check your track application.

Nowadays you can hardly find a freight forwarder who doesn’t have its own tracking application. Modern technologies allow you to control every movement of your cargo from any corner of the globe.  

  • Contact your logistics broker.

If it’s still unclear why you do not receive your cargo, you are to contact a broker you cooperate with. The most effective way to get an instant response is to call the broker. Yet, sometimes it’s necessary to text or even send an email in order to get in touch with a specialist.  

  • Clarify the reasons for delays.

There are copious feasible reasons, indeed. You have to know the exact one while then you should (or should not) contact your insurance agent. By the way, when it comes to full truckload shipments, delays happen not so often while there is no need to make so many stops. 

  • Figure out the possible solutions.

If you cooperate with a really good specialist, your logistics partner is to offer you the most appropriate solution for the situation – wait until the shipment comes, change the destination, look for alternative suppliers, etc. Yet, if you are not confident in the broker, it’s up to you to look for an appropriate solution.  

  • Activate a backup plan (if it’s necessary, of course).

When it comes to freight forwarding, the creation of a backup plan is a must. Unfortunately, the greater part of business owners forgets about this step.

  • Inform all the units of our business about potential delays.

You should not forget to inform your business partners or workers about possible delays. It’s also a good idea to provide them with a plan of further actions if you possess it.  

In order to keep your business functioning smoothly all the time, it’s important not only to place an order in advance. It’s also necessary to have some extra supplies in stock. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford to order extra articles to be able to respond to possible emergencies. 

There is one effective tip you should consider. If you desire to experience such troublesome situations as sparingly as possible, it’s of prime importance to cooperate with credible and trustworthy freight delivery services. Moreover, nowadays it’s not difficult to find a good solution even for the most demanding and challenging business. So, although the situation when the cargo doesn’t arrive on time is rather nerve-wracking, there are still no reasons to give up or start panicking. It’s almost always possible to find a way out even from the most catastrophic situation.

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