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6 Tips for Better Health for Full-time Moms

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Being a mother is never a joke, regardless of how many children you have. They may have a hard time balancing their personal needs, work-life, and family life. Added to the stresses they may experience is the fact that they are also the major provider of their families’ finances.

According to the United States Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, around 57% of women are working, and 70% of them are having a child under the age of 18. Despite the importance of staying healthy, the statistics may suggest that a lot of mothers have a hard time maintaining their healthy health status. Thus, these are the top six tips to attain better health for full-time moms, especially for those who are also working full-time.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Dehydration and/or lacking fluids inside the body pose distinct threats, so it is always best to drink water from time to time. This applies to everybody. So, if you are a mother, embrace this tip as well.

Always remember that water is very helpful to our bodies. It maintains the amount of fluid we need for healthy functioning such as bowel movement, avoiding dry skin, and urination. If it is not enough for you, keep in mind that water also helps our brain function properly. More specifically, it affects mood, ability to concentrate, and cognitive abilities.

Getting Enough Sleep

If you can find time doing different activities including finishing your works and household chores, you must find enough time for sleeping too. Like drinking an ample amount of water, getting enough sleep is also important for the body. Not having enough sleep may cause a loss of productivity and slower cognitive functions. Moreover, the best way to let your body rest is through sleeping. Indeed, not having enough rest may cause chronic fatigue.

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Eating and drinking Healthy Stuff

You may be so busy preparing healthy meals for your children. However, have you ever asked yourself if you are doing the same for your health? In an article by Lindsey Desoto, RDN, LD, she highlighted the importance of eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables for long-lasting good health. In contrast, those who have limited access or do not obtain a healthy lifestyle became unwell in their later years.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Physical and mental health should go together for a maximum health condition. Find a time to unwind and relieve stress. You can write a personal journal, meditate, or do anything that makes you feel relaxed. In short, reserve some time to do your hobbies or anything that you are passionate about.

Taking time to relax will help you feel less stressed. It boosts your mood and aids you regain energy by encouraging you to have more optimistic thoughts. Because relaxation increases muscular relaxation, it has the potential to help both the heart and the lungs. If long-term stress is not managed, it can cause serious problems.

When things get tough and you like someone to talk to or ask for advice, therapy can help. Being a mother is a life-changing experience. It’s rewarding as well as stressful! You don’t have to face these changes or obstacles alone, let’s seek help from professionals.

Avoid Addictive Substances

Many addictive substances can destroy your health, despite you drinking and eating healthy foods. Examples of these substances are too much alcohol, nicotine, and other tobacco chemicals. Obtaining these vices may destroy both your mental and physical well-being. For instance, alcohol use may result in liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, and cancers. It may also result in certain mental disorders and unhealthy behaviors.

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Meanwhile, smoking may lead you to get lung and respiratory track-related diseases. Plus, your family may also suffer from the consequences of second-hand smoking. In simpler terms, you are also putting your family’s health in danger.

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Having Regular Checkups and Following Prescriptions Correctly if Needed

It is healthy to have regular general checkups. It helps you detect health problems in their earlier stages, which makes physicians treat those easily, without the fear of having such conditions become worse. You may also opt-in for special laboratory tests such as examinations for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

When the doctor has prescriptions, you must follow them. Also, avoid taking antibiotics or any drugs that are not under the doctor’s advice. Otherwise, you may face additional complications or might become resistant to the treatment.

Final Thought

You should make it a priority to live a healthy lifestyle. It protects everyone from chronic illnesses and a pessimistic outlook. Taking care of yourself keeps you away from negativity and allows you to appreciate life’s difficulties regardless of any circumstances. If you are a full-time mom, whether you are working or non-working, your health should be your primary concern. For more wellness advice from experts, the informative website Healthcanal can serve as your web source. However, keep in mind that their articles are for educational purposes, and not for official diagnosis nor treatment.

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