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6 Tips for Protecting Your Newborn Baby from Cold

It is well known that babies have a weaker immune system and the reason for that is they have not yet been exposed to cold viruses. Protecting your baby from cold, thus, is of utmost importance since if you don’t chances are your baby might catch pneumonia or croup which makes things worse.

Your baby will most probably get a cold 8 to 10 times a year in the first few years and though most of these colds strengthen their immune response and become better on their own, you still need to be on guard and seek professional help once you catch the signs especially the fever.

Following are some of the most recommended ways that can save your baby from colds, flu, and other harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • Hand Sanitizers are Effective

Always ask the visitors to wash their hands first and use sanitizers before touching the baby. Cold viruses mainly transmit through touch and by using sanitizers the chances of happening it reduce greatly.

Washing or sanitizing gives you peace of mind that your baby is not catching any germs whenever a stranger holds him or her.

  • Only Allow Vaccinated People Near Your Baby

Make sure the baby’s caregivers and the people who visit you frequently are vaccinated with the recent flu shots. If they are not, ask them politely to keep their distance.

Babies have a very delicate body and their immune system is not that active yet. Babies get their first flu shot normally after 6 months of their birth and that is the time period when you need to be extra careful with them.

  • Breastfeeding Helps

The breastmilk of a mother has contents that work as antibodies for your child. They protect them and help them get better if they get flu or cold. So, if you know for sure that you can breastfeed your child, then by all means do it this way instead of using a formula. Check out to learn more on how to ensure that you have adequate milk supply to breastfeed your baby.

If you cannot do this, however, remember that it is fine and you just need to find a formula that can provide your baby maximum protection from the cold viruses.

  • Avoid Public Places

There is no place safer for your newborn baby than a soft luxury muslin baby swaddle blanket Honk Kong inside your house. Public places are filled with individuals with various health conditions and you do not want your delicate baby to get any of their germs.

For at least a few couple of months, do not expose your babies to public places unless there is some sort of emergency. This will reduce their chances of getting the common cold and protect them from deadly viruses such as RSV that only affect infants.

  • Keep Your Baby Away from Sick Individuals

The people who you know for sure, are suffering from conditions like fever, flu, or cold should never be allowed near your baby. These people can transmit their germs unintentionally to your baby and that can lead to complications.

If you get a cold or flu, it is better to hire some help for your baby and when your presence is essential for the baby, make sure to use a mask, and hand sanitizer yourself for maximum protection.

  • Calling the Pediatrician

You should always consult your doctor whenever your baby behaves differently. See if the cold lasts longer than 4,5 days or your baby has a fever of over 100.3 degrees. If that is the case immediately call or visit your pediatrician and ask for help and preventive measures that you can take.

 Also look for the following symptoms like vomiting, odd crying noises, longer duration of fever (about 4 to 7 days), runny nose, and coughs. These signs should never be ignored and you should consult your doctor if you observe these as soon as possible.

Final Words

So, these are some of the things that you can do to make sure your baby does not get a cold, and even if he or she does, they get better soon. By following these simple steps and choosing the right technomono recommended muslin blankets you can keep your baby cheerful and healthy in her first few months and free yourself from worrying about serious health complications.

So, use these few pointers to help your baby keep safe from harmful viruses and have fun raising your young one with love and care. 

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