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6th Twice Anniversary Information About Twice

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Have you ever heard of Twice? Are you a huge fan of their music? What’s the whole group about? Why is their anniversary celebrations being marketed as hype?

The article below will go over the facts twice, and will reveal this group’s fame in a variety of regions of the globe that includes in the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia and many more.

Check out the headers below to discover the events that will be held in celebration of this 6th Twice anniversary and the ways you can become a participant in the same.

Information About Twice

TWICE is well-known as the name of a South Korean Girl Group composed and was formed through JYP Entertainment. The group is comprised from Momo, Jihyo, Nayeon, Sana, Dahyun, Chaeyong, and other.

The group debuted in October of 2015, as part of the television show called Sixteen which was launched in the year 2015 and was part of an extended show called the Story Begins.

Twice was acknowledged for its popularity in 2016, with the release of Cheer Up their single album which was ranked among the top of several charts.

6-Twice Anniversary :

A new schedule and timetable has been announced by Twice with information about their sixth Debut anniversary celebrations. Twice will be celebrating its birthday on October 20th with the announcement of the new schedules for the celebrations.

They will also invite their supporters to an event in honor of their anniversary. In thisevent, ONCE will receive special messages and photos on October 18th and 19th. ONCE has also come up with hashtags to advertise their event through the social networks.

About Twice Recently Released:

Beyond the celebrations and hype for the celebrations for the Sixth anniversary of Twice,Twice has also developed its next album. This is their third album titled Formula of Love: O+T= 3. It is due out on the 12th of November The group is accepting pre-orders on the album on the 11th of October.

The group also plans to announce their first concert off-line towards the end of the year on the 24th, 25th the 26th and 24th December. The concert is scheduled on a non-traditional basis However, any restriction on pandemics may affect the event.

about TWICE tweet:

Information regarding 6th Twice’s sixth anniversary of the Twice was made public via an official tweet from the official account of the group. The group has provided details regarding their pre-orders and the anniversary date, noting the hashtags as well as the details of the merchandise available during the event.

Final Verdict:

All the information regarding TWICE’s album TWICE album and the anniversary celebrations are discussed through this post. This project was designed to let you know about the plans of TWICE’s big day and how fans can become a part of it.

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