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7 Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Executive Desk For Your Office

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Furnishing an office space is not an everyday affair. Several factors go into choosing the right carpets, upholstery, fixtures and décor. When we speak of executive desks, ergonomics, productivity and storage are also important concerns. If you are looking to invest in executive desks for yourself or your workforce, here is a ready checklist to help you make the right choice.


The size of an executive desk can impact overall office comfort. A desk that is too big leaves little space for walking around your office and free movement, thereby increasing the chances of tripping and falling. What’s more, it also means reduced chances of teamwork as lesser people can gather in a space that’s largely taken up by furniture. Before investing in an executive desk, keep in mind that you need ample space to walk around and have your team members get together for collaboration around your desk. Anything too big or too small won’t fit the bill. Check out executive desks of various configurations and designs while measuring your available floor space and free floor space to arrive at an ideal pick.


Let’s face it – there’s so much that goes into curating the perfect office space than just an executive desk. From projector rooms to storage rooms, cafeterias and reception seating areas, furnishing an office space is indeed an expensive affair. This is why it is important to work with a budget. Scan the market for executive desks to understand the features, build and materials used in different designs. Compare prices to arrive at a product that is the perfect blend of durability, style and functionality while being ideal for your pocket. 


It isn’t every day that we set out to buy an executive desk and furnish our office. Choose a design and materials that last the test of time. A robust steel frame accentuated by an elegant wood finish is the perfect blend of durability and style. The elegance of a wood finish not only scores full points on aesthetics but also results in sturdiness and durability. Work essentials such as laptops, pens and stationery can often leave scratches on work desks. Invest in a smooth melamine top finish to avoid scratches and ensure your desk looks as good as new for years to come.


Executives work for long hours at their desks. They spend time viewing screens, reading and attending work calls/in-person meetings. Comfort and ergonomics are paramount to productivity. Sitting in a compromised position can lead to posture issues, muscle spasms, hunchbacks and various health problems in the long run. Ensure your workforce is in top form by giving them the utmost seating and working comfort. Choose an executive desk which is at the optimal height for seating and eye-level viewing. Invest in an office chair and executive desk combination that are compatible set in terms of height, design and comfort. 


We have enough office storage, said no workforce ever! A swamped table and cluttered drawers can increase the chances of error and reduce the productivity of employees. It can also lead to increased mistakes and loss of important documents. Offer your workforce plenty of storage by investing in a storage-heavy desk. Ensure the executive desk has a variety of storage options such as double-door cabinets, single drawers, single cupboards, shelves and more to meet various storage needs such as files, gadgets, spare change of clothes, stationery and more. 

Modesty Panel

Every professional needs some privacy when they are seated in their workspace. While the upper torso is visible to the entire floor, modesty panels come to the rescue for the lower half of the body. These modesty panels have several advantages. They allow professionals to get comfortable by placing a footstool, foot swing or simply folding their legs up. For those working long hours at desks, this feature is certainly a godsend as it allows them to get comfortable while enjoying complete privacy. A modesty panel is a must-have in executive desks to offer your workforce complete seating comfort. 

Style & Aesthetics

One of the easiest ways to style your brand is by using your fixtures to drive brand design. Aesthetics are extremely important in an office environment. The entire décor including floor carpets, drapes, doors, shelf shutters and fixtures must cater to a unified brand and design. Executive desks are no different. Choose a desk that is in tandem with your office décor not just in colour schemes but also in design. Leverage your fixtures to create a uniform and well-turned-out aesthetic across your office floor space. This also enables you to move furniture around without hesitation in the future should the need arise.

Wrap Up

Furnishing an office space is an exercise that requires due time and thought. Use the above ideas to choose office furniture and executive desks that complement your requirements, décor and budget, enabling you to create the office of your dreams.

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