7 Outstanding Salesforce Tips and Tricks To Boost Sales

When running an online business, every company wants to boost its sales and generate huge returns. But, in reality, it is very hard to achieve. Even utilizing powerful strategies proposed by teammates, it still becomes a challenge to leverage the best marketing tips and tricks for your business that actually yield profiting results.

That time has gone when salesmen used to build relationships with their customers by approaching them individually. But, due to COVID-19, work from home has become the hour of need that has created a gap between businesses and customers. That’s why building relationships with customers has become a tough row to hoe. We cannot arrange dinners and meetings for developing connections with people or persuading them to buy our product.

We don’t deny the fact that boosting sales in such a situation in which everyone has to work remotely is not a child’s play.  But, successful enterprises don’t wait for an ideal situation. Rather, they make efforts to optimize their sales by automating their sales processes.

If you’re worried about increasing your sales and generating profits, then this is the right time to learn some outstanding tips and tricks to transform your selling routine by integrating Salesforce into your business. By simply changing your conventional sales strategies, you can craft a more productive, high-yielding business.

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Salesforce Tips To Improve your sales process

1. Generate Leads

Lead generation is the first and foremost thing in the sales process. When you want to sell something, you have to make relationships with potential customers, so that they could become your future customers. For this purpose, you have to leverage inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing includes advertising your products through blogging, social media, website, and email marketing. Inbound marketing strategies have replaced conventional outbound marketing strategies such as cold calling. 

Once you succeed in generating leads, your leads can be recorded in the Salesforce software. You can also leverage salesforce forms for organizing, and saving customer data. You should be cautious about data quality and make sure that you specify the exact information about the lead. 

2. Catch existing customers

Keep up to date about the existing customers, how they’re doing, and their interests. Try to discover ways to provide them with more products, resources, and support to make them your permanent customers.

Always remember that your efforts don’t get wasted when you strive to build relationships with your customers. You’ll find that your extra effort will pay you off multiple times. When they renew their contract with you and re-engage with your business, you will get the fruits throughout your lifetime. Salesforce Forms may be used to collect data from your website audience and transfer it to Salesforce entities.

3. Use Salesforce Conga Composer 

Salesforce is a cloud-based software that stores all data related to customers, their transactions, and other useful data in a cloud making it easily accessible.

For better productivity and sales flow, it is very necessary that data should be placed, sent, or received accurately. Conga Composer replaces manual tasks with digital documents. It enables salesmen to digitize documents by employing Salesforce data and save it in the existing templates.

Configuring Conga Composer is very simple and quick. With digital documents, you would easily access, send or receive information with a single click. You can retrieve information whenever you need to send it to your existing customers.

4. Use Salesforce Chatter

If you use external chatting tools for communicating with your customers, then you might be missing the functionality of complete social networking. Instead of relying on external chatting software, use the Salesforce Chatter feature which is an outstanding collaborative chatting tool.

Chatter is not restricted to a messaging app, it comes with various options. It enables entrepreneurs to create business groups through an account. Additionally, you can generate expense reports that describe your business expenses. Chatter tool also includes additional features of rewarding high-yielding employees through gamification badging system and it also allows file sharing. In this way, everything comes in a single place. 

5. Use Reports to Analyze Metrics

Generating financial reports In businesses is very crucial to know. Salesforce provides you with the functionality to create reports conveniently and analyze them. You can get auto reports by requesting the admin or you can also create reports on your own. 

These reports will assist you in monitoring sales performance. You can get information about the customers who contributed to generating the largest sales for your company. Of course, you want to know how much time it takes to complete a deal, which customers buy your major products and lots of other questions that a Salesforce report can answer. 

6. Utilize Tasks, Activities, and Emails

Salesforce CRM is a game-changer in the business sector. It is an effective tool that enables you to build relationships with customers through cloud computing by saving your costs and time.

If you haven’t yet utilized the tasks, activities, and email functions of Salesforce, this is the best time to take advantage of the amazing characteristics of this software. With the Activities feature, you can take note of customer relationships records and meeting notes. Tasks feature allows you to set a date or a reminder to avoid forgetting important deadlines. Emails option enables you to send emails to your customers from Salesforce. Salesforce also provides you with a variety of email templates that you can utilize easily to communicate with your customers. 

7. Account Management

It is very important to manage your accounts. Always remember that if you have good customer support, you can win many opportunities. With opportunities, we mean potential customers can become your existing customers. You should always keep reviewing new opportunities with the current accounts and update them periodically so whenever you win an opportunity, update it in the Salesforce record. The same is the case when you lose any opportunity. In this way, you would have records of everything. Salesforce Service Cloud can also be utilized for customer support. 

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