7 Questions to Ask Your Truck Accident Attorney After a Crash in Michigan

Clare, Michigan, often has more commercial truck crashes. If you’re a truck driver and an accident happens, contacting your attorney is incredible. Before and after hiring these lawyers, you need explicit statements on their roles and all that revolves around your claims. The following article takes you through seven essential questions to include in your checklist and ask your truck accident lawyer.

1.     What are Your Rates?

Different lawyers in Michigan charge differently depending on various criteria. Some charge their clients based on their experience, the time they spend on your case, the costs involved, the lawyer’s reputation, and the case’s complexity. For instance, if you’re at fault, your charges may be more than a truck driver who’s not at fault. Contacting your Clare Michigan truck accident attorney assures favorable rates that match your financial capability. Therefore, it’s essential to ask this question beforehand to avoid misunderstandings.

2.     What are My Specific Roles?

You must understand your roles as a claimant right from the onset of your case. Your Michigan truck accident lawyer may provide a list of your responsibilities, which you must adhere to until the case ends. Since different attorneys have varying expectations from their clients, confirm with your attorney what you should and shouldn’t do throughout the claim process. The information enlightens you on what to avoid that would alter the final case decision.

3.     Do You Have Experience in Similar Projects?

The primary aim of this question is to determine whether the truck accident attorney you’re working with has the relevant expertise. If their answer is yes, ask about their win percentage to determine the probability of winning your case and reap outcomes in your favor. Besides a law degree, the lawyer should also exhibit skills related to truck accidents for considerable benefits. These skills include practical communication aptitude and attention to case details.

4.     What Do These Terms Mean in Simple English?

Michigan lawsuits can present complicated and confusing terms and statements. For most people, legal representatives must zealously be ready to attend to explanation requests of the legally-complex terms. Asking whatever you don’t understand ensures you’ll follow whatever route your case takes closely.

5.     What Documents Do I Need to Produce?

Winning any court case in Michigan demands a lot of paperwork. Most claimants may need to learn what document copies they should carry during the case hearing. Don’t hesitate to ask this question if you’re one of these people. Your truck accident attorney will recommend you present copies of your vehicle registration number, driving license, national identification card, and other party’s information. If you took pictures of the accident and damages on your truck, print them for reference.

6.     What’s the Estimated Timeframe?

Ideally, some truck accident lawsuits in Michigan take a longer time before completion than others. If the accident involved various parties, there may be difficult to determine liability in a multi-vehicle crash. With this information, your attorney will advise on the estimated time the case will take before you receive benefits.

7.     What are the Possible Case Outcomes?

After a truck crash happens while driving in Michigan for whatever reason, you may have unrealistic expectations. However, asking your lawyer what to anticipate regarding financial and non-financial benefits is essential. While at it, prepare for anything that may happen after the jurisdiction coin flips.

Working with a truck accident lawyer who understands Michigan laws eases the claim process. In your search for one, you must inquire about their rates, charging criteria, what they expect from you, and how long your case or a court proceeding will take in an estimated time. Further, ask your attorney to outline the possible claim results and the paperwork you must present to the jury.

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