7 Things About Shi Tzu Temperament And Personality

The Shih Tzu (also known as “lion dog”) is a sturdy, small dog breed famous social creature originating from Tibet. These small and sturdy dogs are slightly longer in length than they are in height. They typically stand between 8 and 11 inches tall and weigh between 9 and 16 pounds.

Known for their chrysanthemum-like appearance, Shih Tzus have long, flowing facial hair that grows up in various color blends: brown, white, black, yellow-black, blue-white, black-white, or gold. A Shih-Tzu has show-stopping double-layered hair, which grows quite long, delicate, and silky.

This dog breed is one of the most popular dogs in the US, and the American Kennel Club has ranked Shih Tzu as the 20th most popular dog breed (see here). But what makes it popular, though? Here we’ve listed seven things we love about Shih Tzus and what you should know about them!

  1. Affectionate

Even though their name, Shih-Tzu, literally translates as “little lion,” this breed is nothing like a lion in terms of its personality and temperament. Compared to an actual lion, he shows no fierceness at all.

In fact, Shih Tzus are affectionate companion dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners and interacting with other people. Despite their small size, they are very social animals, making it easy to accompany people on errands or trips.

But like most dogs, they don’t like being left alone. They can be fine for short periods, but you shouldn’t leave your pet unsupervised.

  1. Great With Children

We all know that Shih-Tzus are very lively but can be stubborn at times. But did you know that they are great with children, too?

Many Shih Tzu owners say that they’re the total opposite of aggressive. Of course, with their friendly demeanor and docile temperament, there’s no way that this adorable fluff could be violent! The Shi Tzu temperament and personality are well-known for being kid-friendly, loving creatures that make excellent family pets. As a matter of fact, Shih Tzus are considered one of the top 10 dog breeds of choice if you have children in your home.

Just take note it is also essential to teach your kids how to properly behave around this playful breed to avoid accidents. At the same time, socializing your Shih Tzu at an early age would be an advantage, too!

  1. A Lap Dog, At The Same Time, A Playful Buddy!

Shih Tzus are usually indoor pets that make excellent roommates for people who prefer to be at home. They might love following you all the time and stay close if possible. In short, they love to cuddle and to be held at all times!

But like any other dog, you might see them loving to play or make a spectacle of themselves by stealing shoes. Like most pups, the Shih Tzu is a playful one. They sure love themselves a great game of fetch!

  1. High Adaptability

Shih Tzus may not be the most intelligent canine you can own. Still, one thing that makes them great household pets is their adaptability. They’re bred to be the perfect companion that loves to learn in any environment. May it be a house or an apartment, a Shih Tzu will definitely adapt quickly!

This adorable furry displays the confidence of a lion. At the same time, he expresses the unconditional love of a Labrador. But what makes them excellent and intelligent is their ability to understand human emotions.

  1. Athletic

Beneath their gorgeous coat, their muscular body is capable of performing well in agility competitions. Aside from being show dogs, Shih Tzu has come out on top when it comes to competitions in athletics.

So when you own a Shih Tzu, you’ll be required to train them for moderate exercise. But with their petite bodies, he can have a stubborn streak that might require you to acquaint them with various commands. But take note, he might be frightened by your yells and punishments.

But training them with consistency and gentleness in addition to tasty treats and positive reinforcements will go well. Besides, they are eager to learn new things, so they are considered very trainable.

  1. Sheds Less!

Shih Tzus are known to have lengthy, silky hair that needs frequent grooming. Ironically enough, despite their long hair, Shih Tzu shed less compared to other dog breeds. Many Shih Tzu owners say that they are also great for those who are allergy sufferers.

This means that you won’t have to get out the lint brush after these long-haired furry dogs have been lying on the sofa all day to pick up clumps of hair. Neither should you be concerned about changing your garments after spending time with them.

But this is only true if you do a matter of regular grooming and brushing (link: You will have to keep her coat in the best shape possible by removing the loose hairs from their coat and by bathing at least.

  1. He Can’t Stand The Heat

When you own a Shih Tzu, it is essential to note that extreme heat is unhealthy for them. Particularly in summer, temperatures may increase dramatically, creating ideal circumstances for dogs to suffer from heatstroke or overheating.

Thus, having them confined in a hot summer season could be a severe death threat! To avoid this, you should keep him nice and cool by, of course, keeping her in a cool environment. You can prepare an air-conditioned room so he won’t suffer.

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