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7 Things Every High School Student Should Keep in Their Lockers

Storage spaces are essential in schools, be it a primary school or a secondary school; lockers hold great importance for students. One can consider locker an inevitable segment of students’ growth and development. An academic institution like a school cannot function without a locker system, and the best they can install for their students are student lockers. A locker not only meets the storage facility of students but also assists them in staying disciplined by instilling some qualities in them such as being responsible, managing time efficiently, keeping their belongings safe, etc. 

The primary, secondary, and high school lockers facilitate various benefits for the campus and students. Also, a locker ensures a clean and dirt-free environment for students to give them a good campus life. Now, the question arises, what all things can a student store in such lockers? This article answers your question very well. 

School Supplies

Books are the basic things that a student carries. Apart from that, school supplies are essentially an important amenity for every school student. A locker is the best place for storing supplies like pencils, pens, charts, files, folders, posters, etc., and other things that would be required for academic purposes. If you have art supplies, you can also store them as they would be safe in the locker. A student locker lets you stock up on all essential supplies in advance to avoid borrowing them from others when needed. But don’t fill up the locker space with unwanted supplies as well. 

Study Materials

The main reason for a student locker for students in an academic institution is to store study materials. This prevents them from carrying heavy backpacks and lets them concentrate on better things while their important stuff is locked in a safe place. Academic efficiency increases simultaneously; one becomes efficient in time management and becomes responsible, disciplined, and accountable. 

Food Items

Many students do not believe in having packaged food and prefer bringing lunch boxes from their homes. This can be easily stored in student lockers, where it would be safe. However, open food packets or uncovered food can attract ants easily and create a bad environment. Be it stored food or fruits, keep them neatly packed while storing them in the locker. 

Sports Accessories

School students indulge in sports often, so they carry their own sports accessories to play after school hours. Sports accessories such as rackets, bats, sports kits, sports shoes, etc., can be stored in school lockers to make it convenient for them. Storing sports items in lockers makes it very easy for the students, so they are allowed to keep them. 

Electronic devices

In today’s educational landscape, digital tools such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, innovative smart writing pens, and digital notebooks have become indispensable for learning. These innovative gadgets, along with additional resources available at, play a vital role in modern education. The prevailing educational trends primarily revolve around digital platforms. Ensuring that these devices are stored in a secure location not only helps maintain a distraction-free environment but also protects against theft. If the school permits the use of electronic gadgets on its premises, lockers can serve as the ideal solution for safe storage.

Locker Accessories

A locker also needs a few things to increase its functionality and augment its aesthetics. Some of the best things that can be considered to increase the locker’s features and functionalities are locker shelves, locker mirrors, locker supplies, locker carpets, a calendar, etc. these things can be easily stored in a locker to create an organized environment. 

Personal Belongings

Students usually carry things other than their personal belongings to the school, which requires a safe place to be stored safely. Personal stuff such as diaries, photographs, soft toys, cosmetics, etc., can be kept in a student’s locker. A student also carries cash with them due to emergencies that need to be stored securely. Lockers are the best place to keep these things protected from getting lost or misplaced. 


There are various advantages associated with installing a student locker on the school premises. Lockers do a great job in any place. When it comes to school, lockers tend to increase the storage system, make students disciplined and responsible, make the campus crime-free, and beautify the space. Some of the essential things that a student locker allows its students to keep in are listed in the article.

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