7 Tips For Designing Your Dental Practice

Patients look for a comfortable and relaxing experience when they visit their dentist. Of course, the quality of dental services rendered goes without saying. As a dental practice owner, the appearance and appeal of your practice make a difference. Smiles by design dentist offers a few tips to help you design your dental practice for comfort, privacy, and patient satisfaction.

Important Considerations For Dental Office Design

Some factors weigh more than others when designing your dental office or practice. Consider your previous visits to the dentist and all the little things that irked you or made the experience uncomfortable. The chances are high that others experienced the same. It would help if you looked to address those problems, as that could add to your Unique Selling Points (USPs). 

To aid your dental practice design planning, below are three important considerations.

Privacy Consideration

Everybody deserves a bit of privacy, whether at home or at the dentist. As a dental office, privacy is an important consideration in the design of your office. You should ensure that your office setup allows patients to freely discuss their embarrassing dental problems without looking over their shoulders.

Privacy is also an important part of the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement. You should ensure that your office provides this to all patients.

Create a consultation room that’s separated from the visitor’s lounge or waiting room. Also, ensure that the examination room is spacious enough.

Technology Consideration

Over the past few years, there have been several important updates in the technology world. Patients want to take advantage of these new technologies to improve their oral health and wellness. You should have enough room to accommodate these new dental technologies as a dental office.

Providing access to diagnostics and treatment technologies gives you the edge needed.

Space Consideration

Did you visit the doctor some 20 years ago? The chances are high that you met many people waiting in line to see the doctor in a small room. Dental practices have changed since then. People understand the importance of their time and demand quality services and space. You should make your dental practice as spacious as possible to promote patient comfort and experience.

Essential Tips For Designing a Dental Office 

Considering the above three important factors, below are some tips to help create a patient-friendly dental practice.

Focus on patient needs

Your design, interior décor, furniture, and others must first be functional before they are aesthetic. You should keep patients in mind when making any decision, whether interior or exterior. Consider your disabled patients and add disability access. Ensure that the waiting room is spacious enough to allow social distancing. Pick out comfortable sofas and furniture for the waiting areas.

Inside your office, prioritize comfortable examination tables. Provide stools where needed to help short patients access certain tall areas. You should focus more on making your patient experience as positive as possible.

Set up a realistic budget   

Designing a dental practice requires money. It is important to set a realistic budget to cater to the project. Always remember that it is better to overbudget than underbudget. Speak to experienced designers or choose the right products based on their value and not price.

Consider your dental workflow

Your dental workflow is an important consideration both for you and your patient. You don’t want to appear disorganized by looking for a dental tool or equipment in the middle of patient consultation. It is best to design your tools and equipment shelf/cabinet to be accessible to you at all times. This can significantly reduce the time spent on each patient and can reduce overall wait times.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Your patients deserve comfort if they’ll be waiting for their appointment time in your waiting room. Ensure that you invest in nice and comfortable furniture. You can also request patient feedback to understand how best to address their comfort needs.

Make good use of your space

Improper space management can make things appear crowded. Ensure that you’ve properly maximized your space, creating the perfect walkways to ease navigation.

Also, ensure that the shortest possible routes from point A to B are designed instead of creating long paths.

Choose colors wisely

You’re better off choosing neutral colors that inspire calmness and relaxation as a dental practice. You don’t want patients to be agitated by using loud and active colors.

Ensure to consult with an experienced interior designer for the perfect color blends for your dental office.

Professional assistance beats DIY

You’re likely to save more time and get things done faster when you contact a professional. Speak to an experienced dental office designer to avoid waste due to trial and error. You can also manage your budget better with a professional on board.

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