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7 tips on how you can work full time while studying in college

Balancing a full-time job while studying in college isn’t a walk in the park. Without the inner driving force and dedication, it is easy for a person to back down from one activity just to focus on the other. 

Schoolwork requires total attention, just like your work environment does. Can you imagine fulfilling all the, academic research, and other related assignments on time and going to work at the same time? Sounds miraculous, right? Well, it all calls for inner motivation and the goals and objectives one wants to achieve. This guide explores the seven best tips that will help you strike a balance between your full-time work and school. 

How to balance college life and full-time work: 7 best tips

If you are already working full-time and want to study in college at the same time, whether online or in a physical classroom setting, the tips below will always come in handy.

Create a plan or schedule and follow it religiously

Create a personalized schedule that will enable you to meet your daily routines. Make sure you include all the essential details, the work events, and school events so that you can know how to prioritize your schedule. 

The customized schedule will let you know when to start revising for exams or when you can start preparing for the upcoming project to avoid last-minute rush and stress. 

Cut off irrelevant things and activities

As you work full-time and study in college at the same time, you will have limited time for yourself. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your study time to achieve other activities. Let the people close to you know that you have an objective to achieve and that you have scheduled Time for everything. In fact it could make sense if you surround yourself with people who will motivate you to Push on people who are ready to offer extra support you need, and people who have similar goals as you do. 

Take care of your physical & mental health

In a tight schedule of studying in college and working full time at the same time, a person can often forget about their well-being, whether mentally or physically. Therefore, don’t overlook the need for healthy eating, exercising, and resting time. These three elements will ensure your body is physically fit and your mind is mentally fit for the tasks waiting for you. 

Online classes are viable

When you are just starting, adjusting can be quite a hassle. Therefore, you might need to consider some online classes or fully enroll in online classes. We have a full online course, mainly designed to help working students meet their career goals and objectives. 

Use technology 

Technology keeps on advancing at a rapid speed. Nowadays, you can use varied educational apps to achieve your studying goals. Be it taking notes, researching, or even doing revisions and studying, you can always get apps that will make the whole process easier. 

Don’t procrastinate

When studying, you might be tempted to start a series you are eager to catch up with or just take a few minutes to catch up with your favorite show. Make sure if you have already scheduled a specific time for studying, you stick to the schedule. Otherwise, when you procrastinate, you might not get another chance to catch up since many other engagements are waiting for you.  

Communication is key

Effective communication is a key element to maintaining a good relationship with the employer and your tutors at the same time. Let each party know of your other engagements. Communicate to the tutors about your full-time work schedules. In fact, most professors will understand you better, and even after extending some help your way to ensure you are managing both engagements effectively. 

Your managers and employer, on the other hand, should be fully aware of the course you are undertaking and how your schedule is. Open communication will create a smooth working environment, both at school and when working. 


Yes, you can achieve your career goals even when working full-time. Initially, the thought of the whole idea may seem impossible. However, with the proven tips shared in this guide, everything will flow smoothly. 


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