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7 Top Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems in This Summer

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Sometimes a faulty thermostat or even low airflow can be the cause of HVAC airflow. Your HVAC problems should move the air from your duct or from your space. You must get it fixed immediately so that you can enjoy the cool air of your AC in the summer.

This guide provides you the detailed information regarding the causes of HVAC airflow problems that you might face this summer:

Clogged Air Filters

You may face the problem of clogged air filters if you have delayed the maintenance of your AC. You can get the service of air conditioner repair in Fargo ND by hiring a professional contractor. So, you must get your AC fixed immediately if it is not working properly.

You should know that air filters can get clogged easily if not inspected regularly. These are responsible to keep the air clean in your room where AC has been installed. That’s why dust and debris get collected in it. You must clean it regularly at least once or twice a month. To solve the issue of HVAC airflow, you may have to change the air filters.

Improper Size of HVAC Unit

You may not get efficient service of HVAC airflow if you have not installed the right size of the HVAC unit. It is wrong to think that an oversized HVAC unit will be helpful in providing more efficient and reliable cooling. If you install an oversized HVAC unit, it will be needed to turn off and on frequently.

An oversized HVAC unit will not be able to provide sufficient airflow to your room or house. Similarly, an undersized HVAC unit is also a cause of problems regarding HVAC airflow. It becomes difficult for the HVAC unit to cool down your house.

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Blocked Vents

During summer, the upper vents should be closed and the lower vents should be open. The vents may get blocked if the airflow is being blocked by something. It can be a piece of furniture or anything else.

The blocked vent is a common reason behind the problems regarding HVAC airflow. It might be blocked if you have closed some vents and have forgotten to open them. It results in disturbing the airflow of HVAC in hot summers. You can fix this issue by inspecting all the vents present in your house. You should open the closed vents for proper HVAC airflow.

Blocked Ducts

As we know that the ductwork of an air conditioner plays a vital role in delivering cold air to your room or house where you have installed AC. If you do not get it inspected regularly and maintain it timely, your ductwork can get clogged. Cracks and holes may also be developed due to this issue in the summer season.

If you live in a very old house where it is common for the birds to make their nests, building nests may also result in clogged ducts. You should know that a leaked duct not only results in reducing HVAC airflow but it also results in affecting the air quality of your house by sucking up all the dust particles.

Defective Thermostat

If your HVAC airflow is not efficient and you cannot find the actual cause, you must check the thermostat. It is because the defective thermostat may also affect the HVAC airflow. The thermostat may get damaged due to aged wires, frayed wires, or loose connections. These causes may result in making the thermostat lose connection to the air conditioner.

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Improper Working of AC Blower

You may face HVAC airflow problems if your AC blower is not working. As we know AC blowers play a vital role in pushing cold air through the ductwork. If there is no AC blower or it is not working, the airflow of the HVAC may get reduced.

The AC blower stops working if dust and debris have been stuck in it. You must clean all the dust from it. Take care of your hands while cleaning because there are blades inside them. You can hire a professional AC repair contractor to get efficient AC repair services.

Dirty Coils

You may face the problems of HVAC airflow if the coils have become dirty. It becomes difficult for the coils to release heat when they are fully covered with dust and dirt. In this situation, your AC unit needs to work hard to produce cool air which results in increasing your electricity bills in summer. So, you must hire a professional to get the coils cleaned.


You must know about the reasons that result in it causing HVAC airflow problems. You must avoid them to let your AC unit work efficiently and effectively. This guide has provided you with detailed information regarding those causes. 

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