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7 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card

A fundamental understanding of how to acquire bitcoins is required before making a purchase, as well as an understanding of the ways that either cannot be used or should be avoided. Even the most honest of ideas may be misleading.

  • Take a few minutes to learn how to obtain Bitcoin securely.
  • Using a credit card to buy bitcoins
  • Bitcoin purchases are most often made via credit and debit cards.

Because of the potential for fraud, some people are reluctant to use their credit cards while shopping online. Postepay is no more safe than making the payment online if you go to a tobacconist to do it for an unknown person or web corporation.

You can buy crypto with visa debit card on cryptocurrency exchanges. But only the best will do.

  • is one such exchange that accepts credit cards.

Buying bitcoins with cash

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that does not exist in any tangible form. As a result, it is “irresponsible” to try to buy bitcoin using cash.

Using bitcoin ATMs, this can be done, as I will explain later in this post. Is this the third cash purchase in a row? Your BTC friend or family member may pay you in euros and send you bitcoins digitally. I’m not a fan of trying new things, especially with people you don’t know.

Buying bitcoins at the bank

Ask at your bank: “I’d want to buy some bitcoins for my account.” I doubt that Italian banks would ever allow their customers to use cryptocurrencies. Clients may buy BTC with IBAN for deposits in currencies like euros, dollars or pounds sterling and vice versa via a service like Revolut. If you buy bitcoin using Revolut, it will be stored in the app. The most successful company, but not the only one.

A foreign checking account is required for the use of fintech services like Revolut, which might lead to financial difficulties if not managed correctly.

In-store bitcoin purchases

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now available for purchase via cryptocurrency ATMs installed by certain cigarette sellers. Prepaid bitcoin cards are a great complement to the banking industry’s cryptocurrency offerings.

A tobacconist, on the other hand, may provide funds to a merchant’s Postepay account so that you can receive bitcoins.

Buy in a certain manner… Cryptocurrency scammers are not the only ones out there. What could possibly be the point of using methods that aren’t digital to get bitcoin, which is the Internet’s currency? Credit cards and Postepay can also be used online, as we’ll see in the near future.

Using Bitcoin as a payment method via PayPal

PayPal does not charge the customer a fee, but it also offers buyer protection and even guarantees a return in certain cases.

PayPal cannot be used to buy bitcoins because of these characteristics. Because of PayPal’s costs, cryptocurrency exchanges do not accept deposits via that payment method.

PayPal is partially accepted by, although it is only available for withdrawals from the Coinbase site. When money is taken from a user’s PayPal account, a fee of up to 3.4% of the deposit amount is charged by PayPal.

Buy bitcoins with Postepay 

Postepay is a credit card that may be used anywhere that accepts prepaid debit cards.

The payment method shown on your Postepay is Visa or Visa electronic. Cryptocurrency transactions may be made via Postepay. Online Bitcoin purchases using Postepay are possible, as are those made with other types of debit cards. Postepay may be traded on reliable markets. In the beginning, stay away from complex platforms and rely on basic services.

For a minimum purchase of €98, you will get a €8 welcome bonus if you use Coinbase. Click here to get your freebie.

Peer-to-peer networks like, which is similar to LocalBitcoins, may also be used to transfer money via Postepay. A “professional” BTC trader is the only person you’ll need to get in touch with in this case. Select carefully and only buy from vendors that have a high rating on eBay.

Using ATMs to Purchase Bitcoin

It’s known as a Bitcoin ATM since its main function is to exchange cash… Or rather, cryptocurrency! Using Bitcoin ATMs as a payment option.

Internet-enabled devices that connect to bitcoin exchanges over the web. A special double check is used while processing an online transaction. You can see the money spent and how many bitcoins were bought in each transaction summary. Bitcoin ATMs have reported the following information: 

  • A private key.
  • Wallet Identification.

Identification in a wallet (which could be defined as a public key on the receipt).

Never give out the secret key to your paper wallet to anybody.

What exactly is Skrill BTC?

With Skrill, you can purchase and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to go via PayPal.

  • Skrill’s website may be visited at
  • Send a message to [email protected]
  • Make a note of your first and last names, as well as your date of birth.
  • To the end of the registration process.
  • Get a confirmation e-mail, please. Get off our email list.
  • Deposit a euro into your account. All major credit and debit cards are acceptable methods of payment.

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