7 Ways To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation anxiety in pets is a harsh and trying behavioural element that strains the [et-parent relationship. Separation anxiety can stem from any birth experiences, an instance of abandonment or getting lost or can simply be a part of a dog’s personality. Some dog breeds are more prone to suffering from separation anxiety than others. Dealing with separation anxiety in the right way is important to overcome it. Here are seven simple ways pet parents can help their dogs overcome anxiety. 

Establish A Routine

Having a routine brings with it several benefits for both you and your furry, one of them being easing separation anxiety. If your pet dog gets the hang of your timings, he is less likely to get an anxiety attack when he wakes up from his afternoon siesta to find you gone to the gym. Ensure you have a set routine for yourself and your dog that includes fixed food timings, walk times, play time and training sessions in the week. This empowers your dog to manage his time and he slowly learns to keep himself occupied while you’re gone, knowing you will be back at a given time every day.

Devote Time & Attention

There’s nothing your pet dog wants more than your love, attention and time. No matter how often you leave your dog alone at home, giving him undivided time and attention once you are back can make him tremendously happy. Fill your dog’s emotional cup by taking him for regular walks, cuddling him, playing with him and making him a part of your plans as best you can. This should make your furry friend happy, cheerful and thriving even when you are gone. 

Bring In The Community

A great way to make your dog confident and social is by bringing in the community in pet care. By this, we mean professional pet walkers, pet dates with neighbours, pet-friendly parks and more. The more your dog sees people around who greet him and spend time with him, the more he thrives as a personality. Engage professional pet walkers and pet sitters in your area who can train dogs to be positive, active and happy. Also, have a reputable vet doctor by your side who can advise you on an optimal diet for your dog and attend to any health issues promptly. 

Invest In The Right Toys

Toys are engaging possessions that can keep dogs occupied for hours. Not only does this make them more curious and intelligent, but it also teaches them to enjoy their own company and not rely on you for entertainment. Cause-effect toys treat dispensers, soft toys, mirrors, LED-light collars and chewies are some of the many toys your furry friend will enjoy. Ensure your dog has a stack of toys that you update every once in a while as his physical being, acumen and mental capabilities grow. Keep checking his toys to ensure they are in a good condition and do not become hazards in terms of choking, poking and more.

Bring Home A Dog Kennel

A dog kennel is one of the best ways to make your dog more independent and confident. This kennel is his own little home within your home. Kennels encourage dogs to spend more time outdoors while you are away. Being outdoors and catering to their natural exploratory tendencies is great to keep your furry friend busy while you are away. Just ensure that your fence is dog-friendly to keep your dog from straying afar. Choose a kennel that allows easy human access so you can clean it often. Also, opt for a kennel that supports your dog through his adult size. After all, it isn’t every day that you set out to buy a dog kennel! Head to my dog supplies for sturdy, durable and functional dog kennels for different breeds.

Physical Exercise & Mental Enrichment

Nothing helps a dog more than a good bout of physical activity and mental enrichment. Ensure you offer your dog plenty of opportunities to play outside, go for a walk/run and generally get active. Mental stimulation in terms of emotional fulfilment, meeting his curiosity needs, nutritious food, cognitive games and toys, training sessions and more methods of engaging the brain to ensure your dog remains young in the mind. A combination of physical and mental stimulation is necessary to keep your dog happy and thriving.

Stay Connected

Even if your work or lifestyle requires you to leave your dog at home often, there are several ways you can still stay connected. Leave around a few clothes that smell like you so your dog has physical items for solace. Invest in a voice-enabled pet tracker that lets you talk to your dog from your smartphone when you are away. It also dispenses treats at the click of a button, giving your dog something to indulge in to pass time. If nothing works, something as simple as playing your wedding video on the television is enough to give your dog a sense of connection until you get back. After all, your dog’s favourite thing to see is you!

Wrap Up

We hope the above pointers give you plenty of inspiration on how you can calm your dog’s nerves!

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