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8 Best Gaming Accessories on Amazon

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You can do better than playing games with a simple mouse, keyboard, and gaming pads. Having a wide range of accessories allows you to maximize your gaming experience to a new level. You can customize some of these gaming setups and add extra fun to your gaming adventures.

If you take your online presence seriously, here are a few gaming accessories you should definitely consider getting on Amazon. They have a reasonable price tag that won’t break the bank. And with a free Amazon gift card, you don’t have to spend anything for an excellent gaming experience. 

  1. FULLPAD Large RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

FULLPAD’s gaming mouse pad has several features that make it suitable for gaming. The pad is large enough to accommodate both a mouse and a keyboard. The surface is nano-textured. This allows for fast movement of the mouse while maintaining accuracy. In addition, it is USB-powered and has a touch control button.

The pad is made of high-elasticity natural rubber and is non-toxic. It also comes with an anti-slip base to keep it in place. In addition, it comes with nylon stitched edges, making it more durable. Overall, this mouse pad is a good choice for gamers looking for a high-quality pad for intense gaming sessions.


  • Touch control
  • Easy to roll up
  • Non-slip
  • Highly durable


  • Only two display lights
  • The stitching is a bit rough
  1. SPKPAL Computer RGB Gaming Speakers

The SPKPAL S100 PC speakers are a high-quality audio solution. They are designed to bring cinematic surround sound to your desktop or laptop computer. With finely tuned 10W drivers, these speakers can deliver a dynamic and powerful audio experience. In addition, the attractive RGB lighting adds a touch of style and enhances the atmosphere while gaming.

Furthermore, the S100 speakers are easy to use, with a rotating button for adjusting the volume and a power on/off switch. The metal mesh cover gives them an elegant appearance. They make a perfect addition to your desk, keeping it clutter-free and adding a decorative touch.


  • Easy to use
  • 3.5mm compatible
  • Decorative lighting
  • Great output
  • USB powered


  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not have a headphone jack
  1. TRELC Ergonomic Gaming Mouse 

This ergonomic gaming mouse helps you reduce wrist strain. The design provides a natural handshake grip for more comfort during gaming.

It comes with a five-orientation rocker. In addition, the thumb control enables four-dimensional operations. The intelligent mouse lets you program its 11 buttons and save and store your configurations. Additionally, the mouse holds your settings so you can reuse them. Therefore, it can save your preferences across several computers without resetting them.

The mouse has a high-sensitivity sensor with a DPI range from 1500 to 10000. Its PMW3325 photoelectric chip guarantees speed and efficiency. Furthermore, the RGB lighting is customizable for desired effects.


  • Highly customizable
  • Fast and efficient
  • Stores user preferences
  • Comfortable grip


  • RGB lights can be too bright
  • The battery life could be better
  1. COZOO Headphone Stand with USB Charger

This versatile device combines a headphone stand with three USB charging ports. It also features a two-outlet power strip. It offers everything you need to charge your devices and keep your desk organized.

The three-port smart USB charger delivers fast charging, up to 2.4 amps per port or 4 amps overall. This makes it easy to charge your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or other devices.

In addition, it comes with secure power sockets charging laptops, printers, Bluetooth speakers, lamps, gaming consoles, and more. The total output of the AC outlet is 1250W. So it is suitable for a wide range of devices. Moreover, it has built-in premium circuitry and a microchip to ensure device safety.


  • Fast charging
  • Fire resistant
  • Great aesthetic design
  • Device protection


  • Lightweight; may not support heavy devices
  • The material feels a bit cheap
  1. KDD Gaming RGB Headphones Stand and Controller Holder

This RGB Gaming Headphones Stand is a versatile and stylish accessory for any gamer. It features 9 RGB lighting modes, letting you easily switch from one to another. Just press a button and create the perfect atmosphere for your gaming sessions.

The rotatable headphone stand and detachable controller holder allow you to display and store one headphone and two controllers. You can also store up to four controllers without headphones. It is suitable for all standard headphone sizes and a wide range of controllers. The soft protective rubber prevents scratches or damage to your devices.

The headset stand also features two USB ports and a 3.5mm port for connecting headphones to audio jacks. It also has a built-in Type-C port for added convenience.


  • A hardened plastic outer shell
  • Circuit control button
  • Easy assembly
  • High durability


  • Cannot accommodate all gamepad designs
  • Can’t adjust the height
  1. MageGee One-Handed Professional Gaming Keyboard

This ergonomically designed gaming keyboard comes with 35-key blue switches, RGB backlighting, and macro recording capabilities. Blue buttons are known for their loud, tactile feedback. They are popular amongst gamers for their precise and responsive feel. The RGB backlighting allows for customizable light effects and multiple modes. 

The macro recording keys let you save frequently used keystrokes for easier access. The ergonomic design features a palm rest and wrist support. This helps reduce hand fatigue and provides a more comfortable gaming experience. The keyboard is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  • Professional gaming experience
  • Blue switches
  • Backlit
  • Palm and wrist support


  • It does not store user settings
  1. CushZone Footrest 

The CushZone footrest provides pain relief and support for the back, hips, knees, legs, and feet. It also helps reduce pressure on the lower back and improve blood circulation in the legs.

The non-slip footrest is adjustable in height, with a two-piece design that can be used together or separately. The high-quality foam is stiff enough to provide support but flexible enough to offer cushioned comfort. Additionally, the breathable, machine-washable cover adds an extra layer of convenience.


  • Soft and comfy
  • Non-slip cushion
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable height


  • It can be sticky on socks
  • Does not go high enough
  1. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

This gaming headset is a versatile and high-quality audio device. It is suitable for many platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, and mobile devices. It features a surround stereo subwoofer with solid brass and high-precision drivers. Therefore, it provides vivid and clear sound for an immersive gaming experience. In addition, the noise-isolating microphone allows for clear communication with noise-cancellation technology. 

Furthermore, the flexible design makes it easy to adjust the angle. The headset also has a comfortable, humanized design with protein over-ear pads. Additionally, it has a multi-point head beam and skin-friendly leather material. The LED lights also enhance the atmosphere of your games. The braided USB cable includes a rotary volume controller and an essential microphone mute. This allows for easy volume control and quick muting of the mic.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Easy volume control
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Skin-friendly material


  • RGB display limited to PC
  • They are uncomfortable to use for long periods


Gaming is a fantastic way to relax after a long day. But to get the most out of your experience, pick up a few of the above accessories. They will take your gaming to a new level of enjoyment!

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