8 reasons to get a dental crown

A crown is a cap that fits over the entire tooth. It is a permanent solution for a tooth in disrepair and performs the role of a natural tooth once in place.

Crowns are generally needed if you have a tooth that cannot be remedied with a filling. They can be put in place for aesthetic purposes but are mainly used to help with structural issues. Crowns can be made from porcelain, metal or a combination of both. Porcelain crowns look just like real teeth.

As per Stanmore Bay dental clinic, a crown can help to fight off future decay so that the tooth is protected over the years to come. They can also cover chipped or stained teeth to give you a healthy white smile once more. Crowns can last for years and are sometimes available on the NHS. In circumstances where you cannot get one fixed for free, it is best to consult a dentist. Veneers and fillings are two alternatives to crowns which may be discussed when you see a specialist.

Crowns should not induce panic – the procedure is simple enough and you will not experience significant pain. You will not lose any of your beloved teeth and you will end up with a smile that you can be proud of.

Crowns may be especially useful for children who have badly damaged baby teeth due to decay, which cannot support a filling. The crown will serve to strengthen and preserve the tooth until it falls out naturally, reserving the space for the secondary tooth to come in.

Why you should have a crown fitted

Fast and easy procedure

It takes only two appointments to have a crown prepared and fitted. The first visit will involve the dentist removing any parts of the tooth that will not support the crown. The dentist will take an impression and a temporary crown will be fitted. In the second visit, the permanent crown will replace the old one.

A bright, healthy smile

Crowns can greatly improve your smile. They are used to conceal misshapen, cracked and discoloured teeth. Porcelain crowns boast a natural appearance and are durable. They replicate the colour and lustre of real teeth.

Keep your teeth safe

A crown protects a damaged or decaying tooth from further harm by covering it and preventing further pain. Having one fitted will also help to avoid costly treatments in the future. Crowns are also used after root canal procedures and dental implants. In the latter case, the crown covers the top of the implant, allowing a patient to chew normally.

Good support for a weak tooth

If a fracture develops in your tooth, it’s important to seek proper medical attention to prevent further dental health issues. A crown adds an extra layer of protection and covering.


Some patients who use dentures complain about a mild pain or irritation when dentures move against the gum. As crowns are stationary and don’t sit directly atop your gums (as dentures do), they provide you with more comfort. Besides routine dental hygiene, crowns require no maintenance. For that reason, choosing dental crowns instead of dentures is sometimes a better option.  Moreover, experiencing the utmost comfort with the dental crown in Winnipeg ensures by experts skilled professionals have a seamless fit and natural feel of dental crowns services, allowing you to enjoy both functionality and aesthetic appeal with ease.

Conceal flaws and imperfections

Crowns are nicely blended with your unique dental structure and colour. They are made to match the shade, colour and size of your natural tooth. No matter what your individual style is, the crown is the best way to conceal your cracked or damaged tooth.

A beautiful signature accessory for many years

The good news is that the crown can last up to 15 years, depending on how well they’re taken care of and how expertly the crown is fitted.

8 Boost your confidence

People with damaged and missing teeth usually feel self-conscious of their smile and bare it less in front of others. Restoring the function and durability of your teeth with crowns can help you feel comfortable and confident no matter what has happened to them.


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