8 Unique Reasons to Pursue a Career in Cyber Security

With the increasing prevalence of cybersecurity, you may be wondering what the field is all about and whether it could be a suitable fit for the next step in your career.

The need for more professionals in cybersecurity becomes evident just by scanning the news, where we become aware of the growing prevalence of data breaches and hacking. This is the reason many businesses are identifying the urgent need to protect themselves from such malicious attacks.

The current increase in demand for cybersecurity services points to the fact that there’s no better time for you to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Let’s discuss the unique reasons to have a career in cybersecurity.

8 Unique Reasons to Pursue a Career in Cyber Security

You Will Easily Find More Job Opportunities

As a result of cybersecurity being such a fast-growing field, there is high employer demand for qualified personnel. Between 2007 and 2013, there was a 74% growth in postings for cybersecurity jobs.

On the other hand, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the cybersecurity field is projected to grow by 18% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average growth for all other occupations. There are several cybersecurity jobs to be occupied. And as it is, the demand does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

You Will be a Part of a Challenging and Exciting Field

The internet touches virtually all aspects of our daily life. And in this digital age, cybersecurity plays a vital role in guaranteeing online safety, coupled with the security of the crucial systems that support our daily lives, including transportation, electricity, and financial institutions.

As a cybersecurity professional, you will be daily working to maintain protected critical infrastructures. By doing this, you will constantly encounter new and engaging challenges, which will eventually be exciting for you.

Advantage of Earning a High Pay

In a job that calls for information technology (IT) skills, the average salary is about 50% higher than the average private-sector American job. In May 2021, the annual median wage for occupations in computer and information technology was $97,430 which was higher than the $45,760 median annual wage for other occupations.

Advantage of Choosing an Industry that Aligns With Your Interest

An attractive aspect of pursuing a career in cybersecurity is that the field applies to several industries, from non-profit, to private, to the government sector. So, by pursuing a career in cybersecurity, you will have the liberty to choose any industry you are interested in.

However, the highest demand for cybersecurity workers comes from industries that manage high volumes of consumer data like finance, health care, and even retail trade.

Opportunity to be a Digital Nomad

Apart from the liberty to choose any industry of your interest, when you have a cybersecurity degree, you will also have the freedom to work from anywhere. You will not have to be bound to an office cubicle.

Moreover, you could be working for a high-profile government organization while sipping juice in the comfort of your home. You may even prevent attacks on a major retail organization from your balcony. Summarily, you could have the liberty to work from the comfort of your home.

Networking Opportunities Exist in Cybersecurity Graduate Programs

If you are searching to make the most out of your graduate program, networking is vital. This is due to graduate school attracting groups of like-minded people with similar interests in particular areas, like cybersecurity. Graduate school is the best place to connect with peers, alumni, and faculty.

The connections you make in graduate school will not only help you by providing additional knowledge, insight, and diversity of opinion while you are completing your degree, but could also be of great help upon graduation as you search to launch or advance your career in cybersecurity.

Growth is Practically Unlimited

Considering the ever-expanding scope of cybersecurity, it presents the maximum growth potential, both in the career path and for learning opportunities.

By pursuing a career in cybersecurity, security is taught as its discipline, which links to all other IT skill sets. An effective cybersecurity professional works to grasp as much as possible about how technologies and organizations work. A good cybersecurity expert admits that learning never stops, and that’s an excellent opportunity to remain challenged and engaged.

A Lot of Variety

All the growth opportunities are attached to the variety of technologies and situations security experts have to deal with. Security experts get the privilege to directly work with teams on technologies and systems they have never dreamt of, from cars to robots and websites, serving millions of users.

The variety involved in cybersecurity is close to infinite, and that is a compelling reason you should consider a career in it. You would not often get to use the word bored.

Additionally, this variety has an interesting offshoot. As a result of the broad skill set needed to understand modern security challenges accurately, professionals in cybersecurity come from different sets of backgrounds. In fact, the more variety present in your background, the better a security expert you will be!

Furthermore, the varieties involved in cybersecurity include the different types of puzzles you will be chanced to solve as a cybersecurity expert. Even though some tried-and-true principles can be used, the tactics can change daily.

With each new technology wave, unknown risks are created. And as a security professional, you will be able to identify, understand and help to address those risks appropriately.

Start Learning!

As practically everything in the modern world has become connected to the internet, there is a growing need to secure ourselves from cyber threats. There will also be a rising need for people who can provide that protection.

Since cybersecurity has two logistical advantages for a strong career which are low to no employment and solid compensation, coupled with the chance to learn new skills and you continually can always be proud of your work having a positive impact on the digital and physical world, what more could you ask for in a career?

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