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9 Creative wall art Ideas for Decorating Your Walls

Filling your home with memories that mean something is a great approach to make it seem like home. Photos of your past vacations, important events, celebrations, and even your everyday life make any house feel more like a place you call home with wall art. Take some time to think about how you’re going to hang your new photos or framed prints before you start shopping. If you have an idea but are unsure how to execute it contact a professional art hanger, like those at Professional Picture Hanging Brisbane, for help.

See which of the following wall decor ideas is best for your room to make things even easier for you.

1. Create an Art Gallery in Your Own Home

On your phone or computer, you probably have hundreds or maybe thousands of digital images. A gallery wall, which can be seen every day, is a wonderful way to commemorate special occasions. For a step-by-step explanation on how to create your own gallery wall, consult this comprehensive guide.

A carefully managed print collection may serve as the foundation of a gallery wall that adds visual interest to any room. You’ll be able to express your individuality and add a dash of warmth to your home by making your own. Accent pieces such as these may help you make a space uniquely yours:

  • Fabrics and canvas prints are only two examples of the many textiles available.
  • images that range from black-and-white monochrome to full-on rainbow
  • Flags, letters, and medals are examples of non-photographic items.

‍2. Layout Prints in a Photo Grid

Achieving a sense of equilibrium is essential to this style of wall display. To begin creating a picture mosaic or grid, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Rulers and measuring tapes
  • a pencil made of soft graphite
  • Washi tape and double-sided foam tape are examples of gentle adhesives.

Plan your photo placements on a flat surface, such as a floor or table.

Begin by putting down the photographs on a level surface in the shape of the shape you want them to be at the beginning. To ensure uniformity, measure the space between each print. Square photo prints, all the same size and in the same colour, are ideal.

Using a soft pencil, carefully mark each photo’s location on the wall once you’ve drawn up the grid that you prefer. Start with the centre of your grid and work your way outwards with your tape. Take an accurate measurement between each print to make certain that the white space is the same all throughout.

3. Make Use of Giant-Sized Photo Prints

Prints of large sizes enhance the impact of your subject matter. Large-format images are normally shown on their own, but there are several creative ways to display them by arranging many copies together. Ideas from outside the box include:

  • Inverting comparable photographs to face one other might create a “dialogue” between your photos.
  • To print as two or three frames of landscapes, cities, and vistas, just clip your image to two or three frames. Display each print one after the other, leaving a space between them.

4. A Wanderlust Wall with Metal Decor

When it comes to satiating your wanderlust, nothing beats landscape that isn’t constrained by the constraints of a frame. Metal photo panels, which have a reflective, true-to-life appearance, are suitable for this application. This wall art project is easy to put together yet has the power to transform any space.

To get rid of any visible borders, make sure your images fill the whole photo panel. This style of wall décor is a favourite of ours because of its low weight and adaptability. If you have a photo of a beautiful sunset from a previous trip, print it out and bring it back with you. Combining bigger portrait metal picture décor with thinner stacking landscapes is a great way to add interest to any room.

5. ‍With Acrylic Wall Art, you may bring sophistication to your home

Acrylic wall art, unlike any other type of wall decor, gives your pictures a three-dimensional look. Its glossy acrylic layer brings out every detail in your shot. For the best results, look for photos with vibrant or deep-coloured undertones. Try to employ comparable photographic styles and colour palettes when combining various acrylic wall artworks.

Acrylic wall art’s display has a compelling three-dimensional appearance, so keep it at eye level when hanging it. A decent rule of thumb is to keep your couch or bed frame at least 8 inches off the floor. So that you may still enjoy your images when others are sitting or taking a break.

6. Selfies with a #Shelfie

Instead of putting all of your photographs on the wall, consider using a trendy shelf to showcase them. Decorate your home area with a selfie shelf and other memorabilia. You should keep these shelves in mind while you declutter other areas of your home. You never know if you’ll stumble into a place for a unique mirror, a ceramic figure, or any other memento.

You may use these displays to showcase your children’s artwork and photos. Even self-portraits taken by your children are a great way to add a dash of individuality to your home.

 7. Stylish Canvas Wall Art Arrangements

Canvas picture prints are a great way to add depth and dimension to a room that is lacking in both. When it comes to canvas wall art, family and wedding images are a popular choice. However, unique artwork provides this classic alternative a fresh perspective. To create a sense of harmony, try to match the artwork with the colour scheme of your home’s furnishings.

There is no visible gap between the frame and the wall when a gallery wrapped canvas is hung. In high-traffic places like staircases, breakfast nooks, and corridors this style of photo display is great.

8. A Staircase Display of the Family

It’s important to know exactly where you want the photographs to go on your staircase wall, since this might be a challenge. In order to see the complete picture from a distance, make sure each painting hangs slightly above the outer railing.

As your guests ascend the stairs, why not use your photographs to tell a story? These may be family portraits of your children, who have grown older as you climb. Alternatively, you might choose photos of your family members, from various generations, at each stage of the way.

9. ‍Memories on the Mantle

A mantle in a living room is an ideal location for wall art. Select the images that mean the most to you and that you want to show off to your friends and family.

Select images in sepia, black and white, or with earthy-colored frames for the fireplace mantel if you desire warm neutral tones.

Explore all of the wall décor possibilities for your home now to share your favourite memories.

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