A 2021 Of Cinema: Jessica Chastain, Protagonist Of The January Issue Of Harper’s Bazaar

We could not think of a better way to say goodbye to this year which we are not wrong in stating that most of us want to leave behind and mark the beginning of this 2021, than by paying tribute to cinema. The power that celluloid possesses to create characters that transcend the screens and leave their mark on fashion, culture and forever change the course of history.

The January issue of Harper’s Bazaar is an exciting dialogue between the images that revolutionized generations and the power that this industry wields over society, leading necessary changes in universal ideology, and inspiring future revolutions that today have become an exciting way of understanding life. life, and to enjoy it. Because nothing and no one can prevent us from continuing to dream.

“We invite you to daydream about this Film Number capable of projecting the best tomorrow, and to wish you a Happy New Year loaded with huge doses of hope, optimism and lots and lots of magic. To 2021 in Technicolor!” saying Inmaculada Jiménez , director of Harper’s Bazaar Spain in the first pages of the November issue.

The union of fashion and cinema, the two great universal factories of dreams, are the engine of this issue led by JESSICA CHASTAIN , the protagonist of our cover and a clear example of overcoming, to celebrate the beginning of 2021 as the great premieres they deserve: with passion, enthusiasm and creative talent. In a GIORGIO ARMANI silk dress and a natural orchid, she poses captivatingly, defiantly and ravishingly beautiful, in front of the lens behind which photographer David Roemer stands . All this under the stylistic baton of our fashion director, Beatriz Machado.

On the cover of subscribers, also Jessica Chastain. This time she is wearing a metallic sequin dress with a chiffon cape by VALENTINO and white gold Possession open hoops with diamonds from PIAGET . Portrayed again by David Roemer and styled by Beatriz Machado.

Accompanying the actress, in the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar we find other names such as Barbarie Lennie, Juan Gatti, Macarena García, Félix Sabroso, Isabel Coixet, Eduard Fernández or Ana Polvorosa . Celebrities that appear among the 180 pages of this edition of the first month of 2021 and that in some way or another, have raised the cinematographic panorama of the last decades to its maximum splendor and that -of course- will give much to talk about this next year you just entered.

Also in fashion key we delve into the wonderful relationship between

fashion and cinema throughout history, the new Gucci collection strolls through the famous Capitol cinemas in Madrid or how the new fashion is lost in a set of filming.

In beauty , a tribute ( beauty ) to the eternal and iconic Grace Kelly. Also all the news and proposals that come with this year that has just begun. In culture, the remake of West Side Stor and, the most recommended readings for the most cinephiles, a session where we bring together the faces of Spanish cinema that will make people talk in 2021 or the deserved next Goya de Honor for Ángela Molina .

And of course our next escape is named Almería . A land of cinema par excellence, this Andalusian city is Hollywood’s most beloved desert (From ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ to ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, by Ridley Scott). And much more than that: its landscape and the calm that it breathes there make it one of the most magical places on the peninsula. We are leaving?

You will find all this and much more in a number loaded with luxury, culture, beauty and a lot – but a lot – of fashion. Welcome to the Seventh Art. Welcome to the magazine. Welcome to January at Harper’s Bazaar. Can you come with us? Come in and read. #BAZAARenero

* The January issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain, available at your trusted kiosk starting this Friday, December 18.

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