A Beginners Guide To Matched Betting

Matched betting is a very popular form of betting that lowers bettors risk and seeks to lock in wins. It may not bring as much reward as it did back in the day but it is still a very useful strategy for bettors who are adverse to the risk that regular bets bring. 

In this article, we are going to go over matched betting and provide a guide for those new to the subject. Matched betting can get complicated especially when you move on to more advanced techniques. As a result, getting started can be quite daunting but that’s why we are here, to ease any anxieties and help you get started on your very own matched betting journey. 

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique that involves mathematically generating a profit from free bet promotions. Matched betting involves placing a bet on all outcomes of an event, removing the risk involved with placing traditional bets. Pairing this technique with free bet promotions can lead to guaranteed profits if done correctly. 

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How Does Matched Betting Work?

Before we go further it’s important to know some of the betting lingo. You don’t need to know all of it but there are two terms in particular that will be very important. These terms are a ‘back’ bet and a ‘lay’ bet. 

A ‘back’ bet is where you bet for a certain outcome. For example, you might place a bet that predicts ‘Spain will win’. If your prediction comes true your bet will win, however, if Spain loses or draws your bet will fail. You can place these bets at any online or physical sportsbook. 

Alternatively, you can place a ‘lay’ bet. A ‘lay’ bet is where you place a bet against a certain outcome. For example, you might predict ‘Spain will not win’. Your bet will be paid out if Spain either loses or draws. The idea is to place these two bets on different sportsbooks while taking advantage of bonuses so that no matter the outcome some profit is made. 

Why Should I Place Matched Bets?

Matched betting is a useful technique for bettors who are scared of placing bets due to the high risk involved. Matched betting allows bettors to place risk free bets that can secure a win. Which leads perfectly into the second point. Matched betting is a great option for experienced bettors to make some money. Matched betting is considered by many as a side hustle in of itself. With the right strategies, time and effort put into it, matched betting can be a highly rewarding hobby that can allow players to make extra money on top of their salary each month. 

Betting Odds Explained

Every bookmaker presents different odds so in this section we are going to go over the different ways odds are presented. It’s important to be able to read odds effectively as they are vital in order to place bets and calculate winnings. 

The first type of odds that could be presented are fractional odds. An example of fractional odds would be 3/1. This means that for every $1 you would win $3 profit + your stake so you would receive $4 in total. 

Then there are decimal odds. The easiest way to think about this is like fractional odds plus one. So if you had a bet with odds 3/1 in decimals it would be displayed as 4.0. To calculate the return you would multiply your bet by the decimal odds. So for example, if you bet $1 on a bet with odds 4.0, then that would look like 1 x 4.0 = 5. Therefore you would win $5.

How to Matched Bet

Here we will give you a step by step guide on how to place matched bets yourself. First you must open a separate bank account. This step has two advantages, firstly it allows you to keep a close eye on your transactions and withdrawals. Secondly if you’re looking to apply for a mortgage in the future, deposits and withdrawals from bookmakers are frowned upon. If you’re going to be matched betting regularly then we recommend using a separate account.

Next you must open a betting exchange account so that you can place lay bets. After this you need to open up a regular betting account as well. Keep an eye out for good welcome bonuses when signing up as they will be useful later. 

 Then you are going to have to place your first bet. In this first bet the goal is to lose as little money as possible. Find a game that has odds that are very close together and place both your back bets and lay bets. After this you should have unlocked your free bets. Now repeat this step using your free bets to make a profit. Free bets will run out so keep an eye out for additional promotions you could use for matched betting opportunities. 

Different Types Of Matched Bet

When matched betting the steps typically stay the same, however, the bonuses you use can change. We have previously discussed using welcome bonuses but after they run out you may then start to match bets with reload offers or accumulator offers. The steps in matched betting stay the same however the bonuses you use to ensure profits will change. 


Matched betting is an increasingly popular form of betting that you can use today to reduce risk while betting. It’s important to always remember to gamble responsibly and to manage your bankroll effectively. Poor bankroll management can lead to playing with money you don’t have and leading to financial problems. If matched betting sounds like something you would be interested in using while gambling then why not start today. There are many matched betting calculators out there to help you calculate the correct bets to place and figure out if the bets you plan on making are with it. 

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