A Better View of How to Disable Dark Mode in Microsoft Word

Users choose dark mode because it provides an aesthetically pleasing and eye-friendly interface. The conventional light mode, however, is occasionally preferred by users for a variety of reasons. This post will explain how to turn off dark mode on word, discuss its advantages, and introduce WPS Office as a suitable substitute. WPS Office is a feature-rich office suite with a variety of customization possibilities.

How to Disable Dark Mode in Microsoft Word

Usеrs of Microsoft Word can choosе bеtwееn thе dark and bright modеs.  Hеrе is how to еxit dark modе and еntеr bright modе:

Launch Microsoft Word on your computеr to gеt startеd. 

2.  Accеss Options: In thе top lеft cornеr of thе window,  choosе thе “Filе” tab,  and thеn choosе “Options” from thе list that appеars. 

3.  Sеlеct Gеnеral: In thе Word Options dialog box,  click thе “Gеnеral” option in thе lеft-hand panеl. 

4.  Individualizе your copy of Microsoft Officе by scrolling down to thе “Pеrsonalizе your copy of Microsoft Officе” sеction.  Sеlеct “Colorful” or “Whitе” from thе “Officе Thеmе” sеlеction to еntеr light modе.  

5. Save Changes: To save your changes, click the “OK” button. The current state of Microsoft Word is light.

Part 2: Advantages of Using Microsoft Word’s Light Mode

1. Better Readability: The text and backdrop contrast in Light mode is increased, making it simpler to read, especially for people who have visual impairments.

2. Familiar Interface: Light mode mimics the classic appearance and feel of Microsoft Office programs, guaranteeing familiarity and usability for seasoned users.

3. Professional Appearance: Light mode is frequently chosen in business settings because it keeps a traditional and official appearance.

4. Lessened Eye Strain: When using light mode for extended periods of time, some users may feel less eye strain and discomfort.

Part 3: WPS Office as an alternative

An great substitute for Microsoft Word Online is WPS Office, a flexible and potent office suite. The ability to convert between dark mode and light mode is only one of the many functions and customization possibilities it provides. Here are some reasons WPS Office is a good substitute:

1. One-click switching between dark and bright modes in WPS Office enables seamless interface customization, assuring a unique user experience.

2. WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets since it supports a wide range of file formats.

3. Cross-Platform Availability: WPS Office works seamlessly with synchronization between devices on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

4. Free to Use: WPS Office provides a sophisticated free version that is easy to use, making it a viable alternative for both individuals and companies.

5. PDF Tools and More: To increase efficiency, WPS Office has templates, cloud storage connectivity, and advanced PDF editing options.


Although dark mode has benefits, disabling dark mode in Microsoft Word can make the program feel more familiar and cozy to use, especially in business situations. Because it improves reading and eases eye strain, Microsoft Word’s light mode is a preferred option for many users. Additionally, WPS Office is a strong rival to Microsoft Word, providing a customized user interface, integration with Microsoft Office, cross-platform usability, and a bevy of productivity-enhancing features. Whether you select WPS Office’s flexibility or Microsoft Word’s light mode, both options adjust to your particular requirements and preferences for a seamless document editing experience.

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