A brief description of the four main types of battery packs

Batteries for accessories with a 12V voltage

Battery pack 12V 12V batteries are used for low-energy applications such as headlights, radio systems, and other accessories with their low voltage. In hybrids and petrol cars, they start the engine. In electric vehicles, they serve as an energy source that can function without the main electric battery (traction battery). When power is cut off for safety reasons, it is used to power some vital components and activate the traction battery.

Traditionally, 12V batteries were made with lead-acid cells, so they were referred to as lead-acid batteries. This type of battery pack had only six cells and was referred to as a lead-acid battery. These battery packs now use lithium-ion cells, Lithium-ion battery pack have improved performance and are lighter.

A 12V battery is typically located under the hood, but manufacturers are starting to place them in the trunk in order to improve safety, reducing the risk of short circuits during crashes. Since more collisions occur at the front, the battery is better protected from impacts when it is positioned at the back.

Packs of hybrid batteries

In comparison to EV batteries, hybrid batteries contain less energy and are smaller. The range of today’s hybrid batteries is typically between 30 and 50 miles (50 and 80 km), so they can be used for short-distance trips without relying on combustion engines. That’s a significant improvement from the very first models, which had a range of just 0.6 miles (1 km).

Hybrid battery packs are designed to complement combustion engines when they are at their least efficient, such as when accelerating. Batteries can also recharge themselves by recovering wasted energy while braking (regenerate braking).

Battery packs for electric vehicles

It is a full-sized battery designed for electric vehicles that provides the entire vehicle range, including the traction motor and accessories, unlike other battery pack designs. Current EV batteries offer between 20 and 130 kWh of energy and can use between 90% and 95% of that energy—a much higher percentage than other types of batteries. With a range of 485 miles (780 kilometers), the Mercedes EQS is the electric car with the longest range.

The batteries of an electric vehicle are responsible for a significant percentage of its weight and volume. They can weigh up to 450 kg (1000 lbs), representing one-fourth of the car’s total weight. Different designs come with high voltages ranging from 400V to 900V. Recent designs incorporate them into the vehicle’s structure.

Packs of high-performance batteries

E-formula racing uses high-performance battery packsHigh performance battery packs are batteries designed for Formula E races. High-performance batteries come in two categories: hybrid and pure electric vehicles. They are constructed with composite materials to create an ultra-light weight structure. During races, some high-performance batteries can be replaced.

Their cooling system is oversized due to the aggressive power demand. These batteries can deliver several hundred kW of power, which is enough to power an entire neighbourhood. Although they are small, they can deliver ultra high power.

High-performance battery packs are more energy efficient than other types of batteries. For example, they can recover a larger portion of lost energy during braking (regen braking).

The benefits of lithium-ion batteries

Often, lithium-based battery chemistry is superior to alternative chemistries, such as lead batteries, for storing renewable energy in your business. Like lithium iron phosphate batteries,Custom Lithium Ion Battery provide an ideal solution for renewable energy storage. In addition to their high energy density, low maintenance, performance and longevity, and versatility, lithium-ion batteries have their own unique advantages.

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