A brutal introduction to the more powerful bosses in Elden Ring

The boss fight against Elden Ring Margit is a challenging obstacle to overcome in this game. When you first face him in Elden Ring, this boss is not easy to defeat. Much like other important boss fights, he functions as a bottleneck, preventing you from moving forward in the story and in the world until he is defeated.

That’s much simpler to say than it is to actually carry out. As was mentioned earlier, he is a challenging foe to defeat at the levels that you can get to in the areas that come before him. In terms of both the character level as well as the weapon level. Margit is a type of mobile tank that combines devastatingly hard-hitting attacks with surprising mobility and range. She can move quickly and cover a lot of ground. Because he presents a challenge in two stages, you should get yourself ready for a drawn-out conflict. On the other hand, we are going to provide you with some helpful hints that will assist you in figuring out how to win the boss fight against Margit, win the fight against the Fell Omen, and progress further into the game with cheap PC Elden Ring Runes for sale.

If you’ve been able to make it all the way to Stormveil Castle, then you’re going to have to face the Elden Ring Margit boss fight, which is a challenging introduction to the more formidable bosses that you’ll encounter in Elden Ring. He utilizes a variety of attacks, some of which are slow but provide ample opportunities for counterattacks, as well as relentless combos that leave no room for recovery and only get worse in his second phase.

Before you attempt to kill Margit, the Fell Omen, you should consider raising your level quite a bit, acquiring a weapon with a +3 enhancement bonus and studying some more powerful spells.

When facing off against Elden Ring Margit, dodging is absolutely essential to both surviving the boss fight and achieving victory in it. When blocked with a shield, attacks from his cane weapon deal extremely high physical damage. This almost always results in an instant drain of your stamina, leaving you vulnerable to a blow that can kill you. Margit is also capable of conjuring a variety of glowing weapons that deal non-physical damage. This damage bypasses your shield, but it is possible to avoid it. Be especially wary of his gleaming throwing knives, as he will frequently use them to cut short your Sacred Flask healing breaks.

You should make an effort to learn his attack patterns and moves so that you can react and dodge in the appropriate way instinctively. Be aware that if you move to attack Margit’s back, he may use his tail to swipe at you, which is a move that is very difficult to avoid. If you keep moving, he can also delay his attacks by holding the wind-up animation, which could result in you taking damage if he catches you off guard.

Dealing enough damage to Elden Ring Margit in a short enough amount of time to cause him to become staggered and vulnerable to a Critical Hit is one of the most effective strategies for dealing high damage to Elden Ring Margit. If you are wielding a melee weapon, a few well-timed Weapon Art attacks from any one of the many Elden Ring items – Ashes of War can deal the appropriate amount of damage for a stagger. During this boss fight, Margit can be stunned multiple times, granting you the opportunity to land more than one Critical Hit. However, the fight will get significantly more difficult in the second phase, when his attacks become more unrelenting.

The use of Spirit Ashes and Summons as a diversionary tactic is another effective strategy for taking down Elden Ring Margit. Any player can benefit from these, but those whose builds emphasize ranged combat or magic will benefit significantly more. While you pepper Margit with arrows, bolts, or spells from a distance or get in close with melee weapons, any Spirit Ash that summons multiple NPCs to fight with you, such as the wolves, will draw his attention. You can even use a gold summoning sign just to the right of the doorway to call on Sorcerer Rogier to help you fight Margit if you need some assistance.

When Elden Ring Margit enters his second phase, which begins when you reduce his health by about one third, he will bring out additional glowing weapons, specifically a massive sword and a weighty hammer, and will use those weapons to perform a greater variety of attacks. This phase begins once you have reduced his health by about one third. When he is recovering from a slow hammer strike, getting in a couple of hits while he is vulnerable can be very effective. This is similar to his cane attacks. When it comes to the sword attacks, dodging is your best bet because you can’t hope to counter them with a shield because they move too quickly and deal too much damage.

After you have vanquished Margit in Elden Ring, you will receive a substantial amount of Runes as well as the item known as the Talisman Pouch as a reward. Purchasing this essential item will not increase the number of talisman slots available for your character. Talismans are little trinkets that can be equipped to your character and offer a variety of different special bonuses. Talismans can be found in a variety of different games. For instance, the Crimson Amber Ring Elden Ring Keepsake that players have the option of selecting when they are creating their character is a Talisman. Players also have the opportunity to acquire additional Talismans from various bosses and throughout the world.

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