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A business needs a big plan to achieve success. Stay Focused with the CEO of Wishes Swishes.

It’s a reality that life is a dream, and this world is full of achievers like Lisa Gordon. An African American-based achiever who started a business called Wishes Swishes. After 9 years of she and her husband living and working for the world’s largest oil company in Saudi Arabia, she realized she yearned to start her own business.  Lisa resigned from the oil company and returned to the USA to officially launch “Wishes Swishes.”


Lisa Gordon acts as a safe haven for everyone by acting as a bridge to make their dreams come true. She constantly looks for something fresh and innovative when giving presents to loved ones. Interestingly, Wishes Swishes comes to mind when it comes to sending gifts. Wishes Swishes acts as an upfront friend who will hear your wishes and go above and beyond no matter the occasion or where you reside. Everyone may send and receive unique presents with Wishes Swishes anywhere in the world for birthdays, weddings, graduations, or any other special occasion.

How Can People Send Gifts?

Simply post your wish on the website and leave the rest to Wishes Swishes. Wishes Swishes will convey your wish to your family and friends, along with a message telling them to contribute. Once the wish is paid in full, Wishes Swishes will shop for the Gift and deliver it straight to the wish poster. It’s as simple as that.

This business is great since it serves as a safe place for people struggling to fulfill their dreams. A dream of traveling, better education, loans, companies, automobiles, and everything else individuals desire to be more accessible.


Life gives you pain to make you stronger and a shelter to the world. The same happened with Lisa Godon when her sister died and left Lisa Gordon to look after her autistic twins. The twins were not able to express what they wanted. People felt they would never be able to live alone, but by the grace of God, after 15 years, the twins were able to live a normal life which inspired Lisa Gordon to share this inspiring story about never giving up on the things you truly want from your heart. Those twins are living evidence of nature.

Lighting Up the Lives

Lisa Gordon has a Masters’ Degree in Science and realized her ambition at the age of 56. She wants to convey the power of dreams by sharing her amazing tale of perseverance in chasing her dreams till they come true. Wishes Swishes is for everyone, wherever they may be. Wishes Swishes also lends a helping hand in the community.

Whether its couples who are getting married and wish to go on a Fantasy Honeymoon, or for people who have daily living necessities, when people think of a Gift, Lisa Gordon wants them to think Wishes Swishes.

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