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A Career In Front Office Operations

Vacation time rolls around and everyone is excited to head out, check into a hotel, and relax. Walking into a resort or a hotel and the first person customers encounter is the front desk. There are usually one or more people manning the desk who helps with checking in and out, addressing requests and complaints, and general guidance. They are a part of the Front Office Operations department.

Universities like BEST provide specialized courses and training for students to work in the front office. These graduates can start at entry-level jobs at the front office and work their way up to management-level jobs. There are many positions, based on the specific duties they perform.

Elaborated below are some of the profiles one can expect in the Front Office Operations department at hotels along with their average salary.

What are Front Office Operations?

The Front Office department in hotel management is the one that talks with customers face to face. They will make reservations, check customers in and out of rooms, process payments, provide information, etc. They are the central nerve of the entire hotel and their performance will ensure more and more customers come back to the hotel.

Career Options In Front Office Operations

Front Office Operations has several job positions. Some positions operate under different names at different hotels. Some of the most popular profiles that graduates from hotel management colleges in Bangalore and India work at are as below.

Receptionist: The most popular job profile that Front Office Operations degree holders work at is a receptionist. It is an entry-level position where the individual is working in hotels at the front desk. They are the first interaction that customers talk to when checking in. Receptionists must have strong communication skills, be good listeners and also have empathy. On an average day, receptionists are talking on the phone accepting bookings, addressing complaints and requests while also keeping an eye on the emails. They will also redirect customer requests to different hotel departments to get them addressed. These professionals must be multitaskers, flexible and quick on their feet. The average salary for receptionists is INR 1,85,082 LPA.

Front Office Manager: A Front Office Manager is in charge of the front desk at hotels. Any employee working at the front desk would be under the supervision of the Front Office Manager. From interviewing, hiring and training employees to overlooking day to day work of the front office staff, it is handled by the Front Office Manager. The manager is the go to person if there is any problem encountered by the front office staff. Most Front Office Managers can start working with a diploma in the front office or build up to it with experience. These individuals need to ensure the hotel is at optimum occupancy and to do that they must be able to do sales. They are also responsible for customer service and ensuring proper guidelines are being followed. In this role, one can expect to earn around INR 3,00,729 LPA.

Guest Service Associate: Many B Schools in Bangalore place their hotel management students in the role of a Guest Service Associates. As per the name, these individuals are responsible for providing good customer service to guests. They will resolve any query, request or complaint. These are highly professional individuals who take care of the guests from the moment they arrive till the checkout. They work at the front desk and answer calls and emails regarding the availability of rooms and ensure guidelines are being followed for proper customer care. To work in this role, one must be courteous, enthusiastic, professional and also good at multi-tasking. Salary for Guest Service Associates depends on the hotel they are working at and their work experience but the average salary is INR 1,69,402 LPA.

Cashier: Cashiers, also known as Accountants, are responsible for all money coming in and out of the hotel. They perform several duties in their job profile. They will balance cash, maintain accounts for the customers, keep track of payment processes etc. Money required for administrative purposes is also managed by the Cashier in the form of petty cash. Under the direction of the General Manager of the hotel, the cashier produces quarterly and yearly reports and also helps upper management in audits. Cashiers typically require knowledge of Microsoft Excel and/or Tally. The cashier keeps track of fees, taxes, discounts, room rates, and extra charges billable to a customer. For their efforts, they are generally paid around INR 2,01,707 LPA.

Guest Service Attendant: Another fixture at the front desk that is an important role at hotels is the Guest Service Attendant. They are also known as Bell Attendants or Luggage Porters. Their primary job is to accompany guests from the front desk to their rooms. Any minor tasks like bringing extra towels or toiletries are also bought by the Guest Service Attendant to the guests. Additionally, they will help the guests in hailing taxis, picking up the cleaning, and providing general information regarding the hotel. These individuals must be warm and inviting to guests and maintain a pleasant demeanor. Education-wise, a simple diploma in front office operations would help individuals receive training in how to better do their job. At most hotels and resorts the Guest Service Attendant receives an annual salary of INR 1,93,568 LPA.

Information Clerk: Information Clerk jobs are hired to provide information and guide guests to their destinations in hotels. Generally, Information Clerks are hired in up-scale hotels that are large. In order to help guests reach their rooms, the spa or the pool or just for general information in and around the city, the Information Clerk is always at their disposal. The Information Clerk can also be reached from the rooms by a quick phone call. They will also answer and provide information to outside vendors and company professionals. They also have information on the company policy, discounts, will book taxis and make reservations etc. Complaints and requests will also be forwarded to the appropriate department at hotels by the Information Clerk. The average salary for Information Clerks across any type of hotel is around INR 2,31,000 LPA.

The Front Office Operations is a team at hotels that is in constant contact with customers and guests. Individuals in this department must be polite and ready to answer any query or guest complaint. There are several roles within this department one can possibly work as. Based on interests and skills, one can pick one job profile from the options stated above.

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