A Complete Guide for Canada and Australian Immigration for Skilled Professionals

Every year a huge chunk of Indian citizens applies for permanent residency in Canada. Although the immigration intake has been increased significantly by the IRCC, the Express Entry Canada pathway is still a competitive immigration stream that allows only highly skilled professionals to settle and work in the country. Aspiring applicants receive their Invitation to Apply (ITA) letters from the Canadian government based on their Comprehensive Ranking Scale (CRS) scores. Each applicant gets points based on parameters like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, and employment offer in Canada. 

Due to the complexity of any immigration process, it is always recommended to take help from the top Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore who are completely aware of the latest guidelines and procedures. Alorence Immigration is one of the most reliable visa agencies in the city where your dreams of settling abroad will be diligently taken care of. Apart from assistance for Canada PR visas, they also hold thorough expertise in Australian immigration. So far, they have been quite successful in helping over 200 applicants get their residence permits. Their Australia immigration consultants in Bangalore possess years of experience in the immigration industry. It is time you start exploring the most feasible immigration options for you with Alorence immigration. 

Canada Immigration 2023 Guidelines

IRCC has announced its intention of inviting 465,000 new immigrants in 2023. The Express Entry draws will continue to take place with the ultimate aim of filling the existing labour gaps in Canada. More number of skilled workers will get opportunities this year to apply for their permanent residencies depending on the occupational requirements in several provinces in Canada. Such targeted Express Entry rounds of invitations will further contribute to the growing economy of Canada. 

Are you aware what are the most in-demand skills and expertise there? If not, you can get in touch with the best Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore at Alorence Immigration, to guide you through. Based on your current work experience, your case manager will help you find the most appropriate National Occupational Classification (NOC) code. Based on this code, you can learn whether your acquired skills are in demand in Canada and if yes, which are the provinces that hold maximum job opportunities for you. Some of the key sectors that are in demand are healthcare, technology and finance, trades and manufacturing. By 2025, Canada will welcome 500,000 new immigrants. 

This revised and strategic plan of inviting immigrants is not just via Express Entry Canada, but also through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to address the local labour shortages in respective provinces. Under this program, skilled individuals are nominated by the provincial governments to settle and work in those specific regions. Each province has its own set of regulations. 

Are you prepared for the Express Entry Pathway?

Alorence Immigration builds up your profile in such a way that you have maximum chances of getting selected from the Express Entry pool. They ensure that your profile is filled out with all the relevant details before submission. Before initiating your process, you can book your free consultation to check for your Express Entry eligibility and approximate your CRS score. 

In case your CRS score appears to be low, their Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore will guide you on how to improve the score to enhance your chances in the very next Express Entry draw. Some of the common ways are to increase your language scores, gain more work experience and skills that are in-demand. Candidates can also get higher points by applying through PNP. All they need to do is send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to specific provinces where they wish to settle. Once an applicant in the Express Entry pool is nominated by the province, they will get 600 points added to their CRS scores. 

Australia Immigration 2023 Guidelines

Post pandemic, Australia is all set to invite fully vaccinated immigrants from different parts of the world. Like Canada, Australia also has a point-based system for foreign skilled workers for granting permanent resident status. As of now, both the federal and state governments of Australia are accepting overseas applications. For international students, the country has declared to extend the post-study work permits and increase the duration of temporary graduate visas from two to three years. Another major change is the priority visa processing of healthcare workers and teachers. 

In 2023, the Australian government will continue to allocate several additinal places under the skilled visa and family stream program. The current level plan consists of 160,000 places. Additionally, the territory and state-nominated categories have also increased to meet their respective labour needs. This will help immigrants to enter the country with a permanent residence permit, and further with a roadmap to citizenship. At present, a greater emphasis is given on the skilled independent visa (subclass 189) in order to fill the labour shortage caused by Covid-19. This visa is for candidates who are not nominated by any territory or sponsored by any Australian employer or family member living there. 

Quick check on the eligibility for a skilled independent visa 

  • Less than 45 years old
  • A minimum cut-off score of 65 under the points stream
  • Having work experience listed in Australia’s Skilled Occupations List
  • Have sufficient English language skills
  • Satisfy the character and medical conditions
  • File an EOI document after occupation assessment by an authorized body

Once you get the ITA letter, you will have 60 days to apply for a permanent residency visa. Once you have the visa invitation you need to undergo medical tests and give your biometrics. Usually, the processing takes 9-10 months.

You will have sixty days to apply for the visa after receiving the ITA. After applying, the Department of immigration will start processing the application. The average duration for processing the visa is eight months for 75% of applications.

Alorence Immigration has the leading Australia immigration consultants in Bangalore who will take care of the entire documentation and formalities so that you get the ITA and visa on time. They offer on-demand personalized immigration services to cater to the needs of every potential applicant. Moreover, to help you adapt to a new environment in a foreign land they also offer post-landing services. 

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