A comprehensive guide on heated dildos

When you are planning to purchase heated dildos, there are many things to consider. Here are some points to check before purchasing a heated dildo for you:

Waterproof: Some people like to use their toys in the bath or shower, but it has the risk of damaging the product. Check if the heated dildo is waterproof so you can enjoy and have a fun time in your bath.

Vibration/ thrusting: A warm dildo is fun, but you can of course increase the fun. Thrusting or vibrating heated dildo continuously steps up the game every now and then and adds to the pleasure of it all. 

Long battery life: Sex toys can run out of batteries faster, especially if they have a heating feature attached to them. You want to find a way to make your toy last as long as you want. Because there’s nothing worse than batteries dying halfway into the orgasm!

Variable temperature options: Nowadays you have dildos that come with varied temperatures. Check if your dildo has different temperature options to give you the heating you need for your different moods.

How to use a heated dildo in different ways?

Heated dildo can add a new sensation to your mood. It can be used solo, with your partner, or on different body parts to relax you and give you more pleasure.


  • Heat works as a great relaxant and a heated dildo is an excellent way to relax your muscles and boost blood flow.
  • If you wish to warm up, you can use your dildo to massage your muscles before starting.

Personal touch

  • The heat makes the dildo offer a more realistic experience
  • Dildos feel extremely welcoming if they are used at body temperature or a slightly higher temperature.
  • They feel less like a toy.

Solo play

  • It helps to expand your solo play into more self-exploration moments
  • The heated dildos feel more like a natural part of you.
  • It can help you stimulate different body parts
  • It helps you with different sensations

More than one

  • If you’re looking for partnered play, dildos can bring your threesome fantasy to reality
  • It can be used by you and your partners
  • It will help you explore a more sensuous play

How can you clean your heated dildo?

It is essential to clean heated dildos thoroughly to ensure the removal of all potential bacteria. It is recommended to clean the toy before and after use. Storage bags are good for storing them as they don’t get coated in anything that’s present in your drawer.

To clean the dildo, first, you should find out if it is waterproof or not. If it is waterproof, then ensure you wash it with hot water and soap, cleaning all the ridges and folds. Use a toothbrush to clean the intricate positions. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

If the dildo isn’t waterproof, wipe it with soap and water using a cloth. Ensure to remove all traces of soap. Do not boil the dildo as it has electrical components.

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