A Guide to Creating Packaging that Shines on the Shelf by the Packaging Republic

It’s hard to revive your childhood. But there is something unusual about receiving packaging at your doorstep that instantly exports you back in time. Most of us feel the same excitement and giddiness that we used to on birthdays or Christmas mornings while tearing open a present.

But how can you make your ideal customers revel in the excitement of receiving your products?

Carefully crafted packaging and presentation can contribute substantially. There are professional graphic designers out there that can create stunning designs for your product packaging. Similarly, you can find several bespoke packaging suppliers across the US who can provide you the perfect box that will complement the design.

But Why Should You Exhaust Time and Money to Ship Your Customers Back in Time?

Having unique and quickly recognizable packaging not only helps lure your customers but also plays a pivotal role in creating awareness for your brand that eventually drives revenue for your company.

That’s why companies around the globe splurge thousands of dollars to develop packages that can efficiently market their products. But when it comes to shipping their goods, they tend to look for the cheapest available option to get their order. What they fail to recall is that proper packaging is critical for the safe arrival of a product. On the other hand, inadequate packaging only increases returns and damages that eventually lead to poor reputation and loss of the client.

Benefits of Having an Original Unboxing Experience  

Having a unique unboxing experience for your buyers has more benefits for a business than you may realize. By incorporating your branded colors, images, font styles, and logo in your packaging, you can substantially boost your brand awareness and recognition. Moreover, lately, we have seen that social media has become one of the critical sources for businesses to promote and communicate with their customers effectively.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of social media influencers and bloggers in particular. These are the people who simply unbox your goods in front of their followers and then talk about their first impressions as well as overall satisfaction with your items.

While most of these influencers charge you for their endorsements, many regular customers also share their purchases with their social community that works as word-of-mouth marketing.

So, investing in high-quality bespoke packaging means receiving free publicity and advertising.  

How Can You Make Your Packaging Special?

Let’s see how you can create the ideal packaging experience in a few simple steps:

Use the Best Material

One can instantly recognize high-quality packaging by looking at the box. Does it feel robust and project what you genuinely care about, or is it flimsy and plain?

At the Packaging Republic, we offer a wide variety of high-quality packaging materials, including Kraft, cardboard, and grey paperboard, together with different coatings such as hot foil stamping and other features that will make your product container look spectacular. You can learn more about our coatings and extras by connecting with our team through the website or phone call.

The best part is our packaging boxes do not cost a fortune. Additionally, the company can print nearly anything one can think of.

Shapes, colors, and textures work together to enhance customer experience with the product, which translates to first impression counts. 

Personalize the Outer Side of the Packaging

Ever wonder how it would feel if your precious piece of jewelry or gadget is delivered in a plain brown box? Not too intriguing, right?

Getting bespoke containers from the Packaging Republic doesn’t mean you have to spend every single penny in your savings account. In fact, even if you have a tiny budget to work with, the printer can develop a minimalist branded packaging for you that looks great and costs less.

To offer a stunning look, the US-based custom packaging supplier can add extras such as gold foil, but you can get an ideal packaging box with less too.

The company offers budget-friendly solutions such as lip gloss packaging boxes and custom apparel boxes in the USA. So, when you are ready to upscale your product boxes, the packaging company will be there to help you. 

Consider Printing the Inside of the Packaging

Another interesting and widely used printing option that this printer frequently uses is inside printing. Printing packaging interior adds value to the brand image and enables you to continue your story.

It provides you more opportunities to captivate your customers. Make the most of this space by writing your company description, values your brand stand for, or a fascinating message that will sweep anyone off their feet when they open your lip gloss packaging.

Keep it Really Simple

If you aren’t any different from most brands, you would want to print different key words and vital information on your packaging so the prospective customers can instantly know what they are looking at and why your product is better than others.

Compile a list of key points you would like for your prospective customers to know about your brand and product and then print them on the forefront. Make sure to draw that fine line between essential information and a clear and crisp message, especially when developing custom apparel packaging boxes in the USA.

Personalize it for Better Experience

It costs nothing to write a thank you note for your buyer on a small piece of paper and tuck it inside the box or put it along with the product. This personalization will definitely add value and win some hearts because people love it when someone shows they care.

Of course, if you are packaging and shipping hundreds of products each day, writing a personalized note for every customer might not be possible for you. Again, this is where the US-based packaging company comes into play. You can gain its services and get a thank you note printed beneath the lid or inside the box. Or pre-print a batch of these notes and add them to each packaging.  

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