A Guide to Designing Trays and Sleeve Boxes

There are countless types of boxes you can use to package your products. Thrill your customers by letting them slide out the tray or sleeve to reveal your products with tray and sleeve boxes. A tray and sleeve box is most likely to contain soap, macarons, jewelry, or a phone. Boxes with trays and sleeves are ideal for packing almost anything.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these boxes are functional as well. Separate trays and sleeves give you more customization options without compromising one element for another. As a bonus, these boxes are able to display on shelves by showcasing the tray. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they can incorporate creative artwork as well. The following tips can help you get start designing your tray and sleeve boxes.

Boxes with Kraft Trays and Sleeves

Corrugated cardboard trays and sleeves laminated with your company’s logo won’t make the best impression on your customers. The brown box aesthetic isn’t necessarily something your clients will appreciate, but you can enhance it to make it more appealing.

Kraft boxes are a great choice if you’re looking for a simple packaging option that showcases your brand positively. You can enhance the sustainability of your business by using kraft materials that are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Kraft boxes are also available for printing. Ensure your customers remember your brand by adding a logo and branding material. Incorporate a how-to or steps for your customers to compost the box at home into the unboxing and post-purchase experience.

Unboxing Is Made Easier with Custom Inserts

Although you must always think about the condition of the products inside your tray when sliding out your tray in your 2-piece packaging. Opening a box with moving products inside could dampen the excitement of the reveal. Whenever this is the case, inserts are the best solution.

Your products are perfectly fitted inside boxes with custom inserts that prevent them from shifting around. Furthermore, it protects delicate items like perfume bottles and jewelry from damage. It is also possible to customize inserts. You can print on them and use them as placeholders for marketing materials you don’t want your customers to miss.

Think about foam inserts if you want to package heavy items with added protection. It is most common to see these when packaging jewelry and electronics. Additionally, box sleeve and tray boxes made from thick paperboard are more durable.

Various Shapes to Suit Your Needs

Regardless of what shape your products require, you can make a tray or sleeve box. When packaging multiple items, use bigger boxes with inserts rather than two separate boxes. The tray can be retrieved more easily with a thumbhole or ribbon.

Besides sleeve and tray boxes, other requirements can fulfil. Would you like to give your customers a sneak peek at the product before they purchase it? Make the sleeve see-through by including a window! Multivariate products in the same category benefit especially from this feature. A perfume line might have multiple flavors.

Alternatively, you can provide your packaging with added protection by using a folding carton box for the sleeve. For a more intriguing folding carton sleeve, including a window.

You can also print inside the tray if you want. Consider using patterns that will catch your customer’s attention inside the tray if you only pack one item. Your QR codes can also inform your customers where they can find you online and on social media.

Foldable Tray and Sleeve Boxes Simplify Assembly and Storage

Foldable tray and sleeve boxes are perfect if you are ordering packaging for months ahead and would like easy storage and assembly. As well as soaps and cosmetics, they can hold lightweight items. They are flatten when they are deliver to you by the supplier. In addition to saving on shipping, flattening the boxes will allow you to order more in a single order. It is simply a matter of folding them into shape before assembling them. 

There is no doubt that trays and sleeves offer durability and attractiveness. Post-purchase behavior of customers can also influence by including personal notes or small gifts. 

Storage Trays with Interesting Features

These sturdy trays and sleeves are made using twofold thick materials, separated from the side dividers at the center, and providing ample space for your custom items to fit inside. Likewise, custom compartments can be prepared upon request as well as tough partitions for products bundled with various layers or fixings without blending them. In addition to the solid and reduced materials we use to construct our custom boxes, the top sleeves also add substantially to the wide space available inside them. 

Trays and Sleeves Have Many Advantages

The purpose of tray boxes and sleeves is to provide extraordinary protection and a great deal of assistance to the items inside. An appealing, professional display is provided to them. There is no difficulty in amassing the packaging and it is useful to use.

The items can also place independently by clients without any additional effort. Once use, the items can place back into the tray and sleeve box. It provides the highest level of assurance for a long period. Boxes of this type are common for packaging retail items. Various things, such as cleansers, candles, beautifying agents, decorations, trimmings, chocolates, confections, and prepared foods. Nowadays, they can also be used as a means of giving blessings.

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