A Guide to Installing Outdoor Solar Lighting in Your Business

Solar lights are the ideal solution for outdoor lighting in your business. The lights are affordable, effective, and aesthetically appealing. Partnering with trusted solar equipment providers, such as Rexel Energy Solutions, ensures that your investment in solar lighting is reliable and durable. However, the benefits you’ll receive from the lights will depend on the installation. You should be mindful of their positioning, brightness, efficiency, etc. As such, you require guidance to help you set up the lights successfully. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing outdoor solar lighting in your business.

Tips to effectively install outdoor solar lights in your business

1. Choose panel with the amazing features

You’ll get various solar systems in the market. Each will have unique features and power capabilities. The best practice is to choose appropriate solar that will power the lights consistently and sufficiently.

2. Clean and charge the batteries before installation

The light is solar-powered and derives its energy from the sun’s rays. So if the solar panel is dirty or covered, it will not perform optimally. The best practice is cleaning and charging the batteries before installation to guarantee a consistent power supply.

3. Choose the right spot

You’ll need to choose a place in your business that doesn’t have shade and a spot where sun rays have enough access. Failure to do this will negatively affect the performance of your solar lights. A place with maximum direct sunlight will increase efficiency and allows you to recharge the batteries quickly.

Things you will need to install outdoor solar lighting

Installing outdoor solar lighting does not require complicated tools. One of the essential things is your selected solar lighting system. Some of the equipment you’ll need include;

  • Slotted screwdrivers
  • Power drills
  • Wire strippers
  • Utility knives
  • Tape measure
  • Electricity cutting pliers
  • Probes and test leads

How to install outdoor solar lighting in your business

You’ll need to follow these steps to install solar lighting in your business effectively:

Step 1: Plan your design

Start by mapping out the exact measurement of your solar system before installation. Draw a lawn diagram to plan how you’ll install the lights. Determine the proper spacing between the lights, and you can seek expert assistance.

Step 2: Position the lights

Start by finding the right places to position the lights in your business. Doing this before setting up the foundation will increase the chances of a successful installation. You can seek professional assistance placing the lights and the solar panels for optimum efficiency.

Step 3: Install the foundation

The next step is installing the foundation in the soil for the solar lights. You can dig into the soil or hammer to push the foundation or stakes into the ground.

Step 4: Install the solar

After installation of the foundation, you can install the solar by fixing it into the stakes. Ensure you install the electrical fixing and light gently into the foundation. Doing this will increase the performance output and minimizes the chances of breakage.

Step 5: Position the solar panel

Position the solar panel so it will provide enough power to the lights. Pick a spot where the system will have direct contact with the sun. Doing that will help in charging the lights more efficiently.


Installing outdoor solar lighting in your business adds spice to your evening and nights. The lights require low maintenance and help you save money. However, installing the lights can be a complex task. But if you follow the above guide, you can install outdoor solar lighting like a pro.

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