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Hair extensions add length and thickness to your hair, making them ideal for people who can’t grow their hair long or have thin hair. They allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without fear of damaging your hair.

Keratin-tip hair extensions are the most popular type of hair installation technique. They are also known as K-tip hair extensions and have grown in popularity to become our most popular hair extension service. 

This article is written to help you understand the fundamentals of k-tip extensions and the pros and cons of keratin hair extensions. Before we go any further, let us define keratin hair extensions。

Types of hair extensions- keratin extensions

Keratin hair extensions are also known as U-tips, nail tips, keratin bonds, hot-fusion extensions, and pre-bonded extensions. Keratin extensions get their name from the tips of their keratin bases that are attached to the strands with a heating element. The keratin hair extensions are attached to your natural hair in the form of small bundles using a heated keratin bond.

Interestingly, your hair is made up of 90% keratin, so using keratin is far safer than using regular glue.

Keratin hair extensions applied with hot fusion allow you to wear your hair in a variety of styles (including more difficult “updos” and hair down).

Pros of K-tip extensions

They give the most natural appearance 

Keratin tip hair extensions give your hair the most natural look and feel. They are attached to the hair in tiny sections with keratin bonds. They blend in well with your natural hair and are undetectable. So, if you’re out and about and there’s a breeze, your hair extensions won’t be visible.

You can style it like your own hair as you wish

K-tip hair extensions allow for 360-degree movement, allowing you to style them however you want. Other extension styles require you to style them in a specific way in order to hide the seams or beads. You can confidently wear a sleek ponytail, half up dos, and other hair styles with K-tips.

There is no need for salon maintenance.

K-tip extensions require less maintenance than other types of hair extensions. You don’t have to worry about them once they’re installed. Simply take care of them as you would your natural hair.

Cons of K-tip extensions

It takes some time to install.

Because K-tip hair extensions are applied piece by piece, installation takes a long time (4-6 hour for a full head application). It takes a long time to carefully install these hair extensions, which may put off some customers. However, if you’re used to getting your hair colored at a salon, the wait time isn’t all that different.

You need to regularly maintain it at home.

Brushing the K-tip hair extensions with a double-bristle brush on the point of attachment is critical. Because they are separate pieces, they are more likely to wrap around each other as they grow. You will section out each row and brush, making sure that none of the pieces become tangled.

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