A Lithium-Ion Battery Is The Best Choice For Lift Trucks

Are you considering the battery options for your forklifts?

Are you aware of the benefits of Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery?

Although lithium-ion systems have been around for about a decade, they are still a relative newcomer to the market. Li-ion batteries have several advantages over lead-acid batteries.

1. Extended Runtimes

Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries will last up to four times longer, so they will allow for longer cycle life and longer runtimes in your lift trucks. With 36v forklift battery charger, there is no voltage drop during discharge, so the trucks run and lift just as fast as they did when they started. As a result of a voltage drop, lead-acid batteries lose around 20% of their power during a shift. It’s even worse in a cooler or freezer.

Your team will be able to get more done and never have to pause for charging or replacing a battery as a result of the extended life of Li-ion batteries.

2. Reduces the need for maintenance

Typically, lead-acid batteries require a lot of maintenance. They will need to be watered daily and acid spills will happen. This typically increases labor costs, since it takes time and energy to maintain and change them.

Using lithium-ion batteries instead can reduce costs and save time in your warehouse, reduce labor costs, and allow your workers to focus on more important projects in your business.

3. Charging Capabilities that are superior

In addition to fast and easy charging, lithium-ion technology is also more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries.

Forklift batteries powered by lithium-ion can be charged from zero to full in just under 2 hours. There is no “memory effect” and you should charge them whenever they are not being used.

As a result of being charged too often, lead-acid batteries can degrade heavily. Regardless of how often they’re charged or how deep they’re discharged, lithium-ion batteries will stay in great shape.

4. Battery Room Not Required 

Lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need for a dedicated warehouse storage and maintenance area.

It is necessary to build a battery room for lead-acid systems, where they can be stored and charged when not in use. During charging, these batteries emit hazardous hydrogen / sulfuric gas fumes (gassing), so the room will need to be well ventilated and kept cool, adding significant costs to operation.

In contrast, lithium-ion systems require only one battery per truck, since there is no gassing issue.

5. Worker safety is improved

The biggest safety hazard in a warehouse is forklifts. In particular, lead-acid trucks pose a serious risk of injury and equipment damage when removing heavy batteries to replace them every shift. It is always possible for acid spills to harm employees at your workplace.

Fortunately, lithium-ion power sources will be safer for your workers and come with automated safeguards that will provide extra protection. A lithium-ion battery doesn’t need to be replaced in the truck, and it won’t spill acid. As these batteries don’t gas, they won’t release dangerous hydrogen / sulfuric gas fumes during charging.

6. Saves Money

It is also possible to save money by using lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. While they are more expensive upfront, the advantages are well worth the cost and will save your company money in the long run. You’ll find that the total cost of ownership is much lower than that with lead-acid batteries once you do the calculations.

Lithium-ion batteries consume less energy.

Because Li-ion batteries require no daily maintenance, you will also spend much less money on labor. In addition to taking care of the battery and lift compartment on a daily basis, it takes time and manpower to change the lead-acid battery every shift. Whether you perform these tasks in-house or contract out this work to a third-party, these tasks are required per lift, per shift, every day.

A lithium-ion power source will enable workers to focus on more important tasks and be more productive during the day.

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