A post itemizing a giveaway challenge for steadfast clients

This blog is written by general contractors miami.It can be tough to win over a new customer, especially if they’ve been with your competitor for years. But what if you could convince them to switch without selling them your product? That’s the goal of this giveaway challenge. we want you to create a post outlining why your steadfast client should switch to your business. You can include anything from product features to customer service to pricing. Once you’ve created your post, please share it on our social media channels and let us know how you went!

What is the giveaway Challenge?

If you’re a steadfast client of ours, we’ve got a giveaway for you! “giveaway” tab. Scroll down and find “The Art of Nonviolent Communication book giveaway.” Click on it to enter!

This giveaway is open to all our steadfast clients who have an active account with us. To enter, simply log in and click on the giveaway tab. You can only enter once per day, so make sure to check back often! The winner will be randomly selected and notified within 24 hours of the contest’s end. Good luck!

How to Enter?

If you are a steadfast client of a business and have worked hard to maintain that relationship, why not give something back? In this post, I will be outlining a giveaway challenge for clients who have stuck by their businesses through thick and thin. The challenge is as follows:

1. Review your past interactions with the business. What were some of the things you loved about them? What was your favorite thing they ever did for you? If you can’t think of anything specific, think about how they’ve treated other customers in the past. This will help you come up with things to give away. 

2. Once you know what to give away, start thinking about which items would work best. Think about what makes each individual customer happy (this includes both small touches and larger gestures). You might consider giving away gift cards, coupons, or products from their line of products. It’s also important to note that sometimes it’s helpful to give something away free even if the customer doesn’t purchase anything else from the business – this way, they feel appreciated and like they’re part of the community. 

3. Keep track of all of your giveaways throughout the year, and make sure to announce them prominently on your website or social media platforms so that customers know about them in advance!


Looking to reward your steadfast client base? Here’s a challenge for you!

1. Give away a free year of service on your account – this includes both new and renewing customers.

2. Give away one-time gifts like coupons, discounts, or even gift cards.

3. Offer periodic giveaways like sweepstakes and contests.

4. Give away free services or products from your company – like access to special events, complimentary consultations, or even free products!

A post itemizing a giveaway challenge for steadfast clients

Welcome to our giveaway challenge for steadfast clients!, so you can be notified of future giveaways. Once you’re signed up, here’s what you need to do:

1. Complete the attached entry form. This will help us verify your information and ensure that you are eligible to participate in the giveaway. 

2. Tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #SteadfastClientsGiveaway, and include a link to this post. 

3. Share this post on your social media accounts, and invite your friends to join in on the fun! 

The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, January 12th. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, January 14th!

What is the giveaway challenge?

Welcome to the steadfast client giveaway challenge! This challenge is designed for clients that are loyal and consistent with their purchases. The goal of this challenge is to win something special for yourself or a loved one!

To participate, you must follow these simple steps:

1) Purchase any product from our store at least once. This can be any product we offer, no matter the price.

2) Leave a rating and review for at least one item in our store after you’ve purchased it. Ratings and reviews are helpful for other customers to know about products before they decide whether or not to purchase them.

3) We’ll randomly select one participant from all participants who have followed these guidelines accurately and posted a photo of their purchase by December 31st, 2017. We will contact this participant to arrange a prize exchange! Good luck!

The items you will need to participate:

Items you will need:

-A sturdy piece of paper

-A pen or pencil

-Post-it notes

-Markers or a whiteboard

– envelopes (if giving away prizes)

1. Begin by writing down the name of the person who has been your steadfast client for the longest time. 

2. Next, list each of their accomplishments on a separate sheet of paper, and include any awards or accolades that they have received. 

3. Once all of the information is compiled, create a makeshift trophy or plaque to display at your business. 

4. Finally, take some post-it notes and write down fun facts about your client – things like their favorite color, what they like to do in their free time, etc. Stick these notes all over your trophy or plaque!

How to enter the giveaway challenge:

To enter the giveaway challenge, just follow these simple steps:

1. Add our widget to your blog sidebar or post.

2. Leave a comment letting us know which giveaway you would like to participate in. 

3. After leaving your comment, leave another one letting us know which social media platform you would like to be entered for (Twitter or Facebook).

4. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday, July 26th!

The deadline to enter the giveaway challenge:

Are you looking for a giveaway challenge to keep your steadfast clients? Look no further! giveaway challenges that are perfect for any business.

1. Giveaway of the Month: This is a monthly giveaway where customers can win different prizes.

2. Giveaway of the Week: This is a weekly giveaway where customers can win different prizes.

3. Monthly Drawings: Customers can enter to win monthly prizes by drawing at random.

4. Sale or Contest Winner Announcement: Announce who the winner is after the sale or contest has ended.

5. Merchandise Drawing: Customers can enter to win merchandise by drawing at random.


It can be tough to keep your clients—especially the steadfast ones—happy. After all, they’ve been with you for a while, and you probably don’t want to lose them. But how do you keep them coming back without breaking the bank? One way to do this is by offering them special discounts and giveaways. This not only shows them that you appreciate their business, but it can also incentivize them to stick around longer.

By outlining a giveaway challenge for your steadfast clients, you can give them something to look forward to and make sure they stay loyal through thick and thin. If you want to give your steadfast clients the ultimate gift, make sure to include a free consultation session as part of your giveaway challenge. This way, they can get all the information they need before making a decision about joining your business.


Whether you’re a business owner or just starting out, it’s important to keep your clients happy. by giving them something they really want? That’s why we’re challenging businesses of all sizes to giveaway one free month of their chosen service. Just follow these simple steps: Announce the giveaway on social media and other appropriate channels Collect entries via social media and email Select a winner and notify them Grant the free month of service!

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