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A Rare Honor for Telangana – Kaleshwaram Project Wins Big on a Global Platform

Kaleshwaram and Mission Bhagiratha, two flagship programs pioneered by the Indian State Government have caught global attention. Kaleshwaram is now considered to be the world’s largest multi-sourced multi-stage lift irrigation project and Mission Bhagiratha is now known as the world record holder for being the largest drinking water project ever!

An impressive moment – IT Minister  Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao (KTR) received global recognition for his lift irrigation project. The coveted award was presented to KTR by Maria C Lehman, President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). As an ‘Enduring Symbol of Engineering Progress and Partnership’, this rare honor was given to the Minister in recognition for his leadership in the development of this project.

This is a significant milestone for the lift irrigation project, and it will further cement its position as an engineering marvel. With this recognition, Minister KT Rama Rao has earned global acclaim and admiration for his vision and dedication to this incredible achievement.

On the remarkable occasion of the nine-year anniversary of Telangana, Minister KTR shared his insights on the transformation of Telangana in these years. His speech was an inspiring one that highlighted the various achievements and successes that have been made in this short span of time. He also spoke about how the state has become a leader in terms of technology, innovation, and development. It was a great opportunity for everyone to listen to his words and gain insight into how Telangana has grown over the years.

The Minister of Telangana has set a remarkable example of how a region in severe distress can be brought back to life. Once an arid region with a lack of irrigation water, insufficient drinking water, and rampant poverty, the Minister has taken steps to restore the region through various initiatives. He has implemented better water management strategies, improved access to drinking water, and provided social welfare schemes for the people living in the area. With these efforts, he has successfully transformed Telangana from a parched land into a flourishing one. 

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