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A Review of Sylvia Rossouw, a Relentless Professional in the Art and Architecture Industry

Sylvia Rossouw is an art and architecture design specialist who has honed her skills over years of study and over two decades of unrelenting dedication to her industry. Her expertise has made her well-known both in South Africa, where she was born, and internationally with numerous awards and exhibitions to her name. After viewing her resume and portfolio, I can clearly see that Sylvia got here not through a sudden fight, but through exceptional determination and a passionate disposition towards a heart longing to become an expert in her craft. Structural Engineers Liverpool is also available if looking for Structural Engineering or Architecture  services.

She established her professional art studio in Western Cape, South Africa, in 1995, and it remains open to this day. I went to her artwork archive website and saw her most recent collection Hysterica which is part of the international exhibition, 22 -30 November 2021 at the M. A. D. S. Gallery in Milan and Fuerteventura, which was curated by Art Directors Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni. This collection allowed her to express what she was experiencing internally in a time of global change and it translates as such through the computer screen. Sylvia’s ability to capture her emotions on her chosen canvas is truly amazing and it gave me my own glimpse into Sylvia Rossouw’s world. The skilled architect was published in 1998 for the Design Innovation Centre at Nelson Mandela University, and again in 2008 for The Determinants of Trust in the Aviation Industry at the University of South Africa. I can’t help but admire her productivity and consistency over the years. She has participated in a number of group projects and has had several solo exhibitions. And she does it all while maintaining her own professional art studio.

Sylvia teamed up with like-minded passionate thinkers in 2018 as the Co-Founder and Principal Architect of the organization RW Architects in Western Cape, South Africa. Many high-profile projects have been successfully completed under the directorship, teamwork ability, and architectural expertise of Sylvia Rossouw. Oubaai Golf Estate and Monate Eco Resort are two residential developments in Heroldsbay. Fancourt and Kingswood Golf Estate George are both in George, Western Cape South Africa. The Kareekloof Game Reserve is also part of a recreational project in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Sylvia Rossouw is active on her web and social platforms, where you can get a taste of her well-conceived and world-class art and architecture exhibitions.

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