A Story about How to Rediscover the Confidence with a HiPEAK Electric Bike

In this materialistic and high-pressure urban environment, many people experience varying degrees of depressive symptoms. In reality, depression stems from setting excessively high self-expectations that our personal abilities cannot meet, resulting in a sense of disappointment. This prolonged feeling of disappointment can lead to physiological disturbances and eventually manifest as depression and other mental illnesses.

 This is a story about how a HiPEAK electric bike became the catalyst for rediscovering confidence and embarking on a transformative journey. From conquering fears to embracing new adventures, this tale reminds us that with the right tools and mindset, we can overcome any obstacle and regain our inner strength.

Alaia’s traumatic growth experience

Her mother blamed Alaia for disrupting their once happy life. Growing up without a father and with a mother who didn’t understand her, like many actors afflicted by depression nowadays, Alaia developed depression at the age of 22. Even before her diagnosis, Alaia was always cautious and afraid of making mistakes.

Consequently, I held high hopes for many things. But when reality didn’t meet my expectations, I started doubting my abilities, gradually diminishing my self-worth. I fell into a cycle of depression and self-blame, feeling utterly worthless,” Alaia confessed, lacking self-confidence.

As social beings, humans naturally seek self-awareness through the recognition and approval of others. We all desire validation and admiration from others. However, when we continuously face a lack of recognition, criticism, or rejection, our self-confidence can unintentionally slip away. What we often fail to realize is that others may not necessarily disapprove of us; they might just not express it explicitly. Additionally, we may not have found the right way to showcase our abilities and let others see our potential.

Alaia’s self-redemption

Alaia’s childhood friend and neighbor, Judy, has always had a passion for cycling and any outdoor activities they could engage in together. Despite battling asthma from a young age, Judy never let it hinder her from doing what she loved. She grew accustomed to exploring the diverse landscapes of San Diego County, from snowy mountains to sandy beaches, and anywhere the sun would shine.

Over the years, as Judy’s asthma worsened, it began to affect her overall strength and ability to embark on long-distance bike rides or tackle challenging terrains. She started seeking more creative or innovative ways to stay active without compromising her health, which led her to explore the world of electric bikes. Her exploration of e-bikes inadvertently sparked a shared passion with Alaia for cycling. Alaia, burdened by her depression and yearning to break free from her “cycle of despair,” wanted to follow Judy’s lead and explore a new world. Intrigued by Judy’s enthusiasm, she decided to purchase a folding fat tire electric bike designed for female riders. She hoped that cycling would become an avenue for improving her depression.

Alaia knew she wanted a versatile full-suspension electric bike that could handle various terrains, whether she was riding on grass or sand. Standing at 5 feet tall, she desired a step-through frame design that would allow her to easily get on and off, along with a low maintenance electric bike that aligned with her lifestyle. With Judy’s assistance, she provided Alaia with recommendations and information about the HiPEAK fat tire folding electric bike, ensuring she was prepared for a test ride and attentively listening to her specific bike requirements.

Following being aware of every specification of HiPEAK folding electric bike and comparing multiple electric bikes available on the market, Alaia ordered a white ELIAS from the HiPEAK official website, allowing her to enjoy the fun of riding with friends. Alaia favorite feature of her electric bike is its seamless step-through design. She says, “It doesn’t look like any other electric bike on the market, and its powerful 750W brushless motor and 7-lelvel pedal assist system makes me feel incredibly comfortable even when riding on steep hills. It’s fantastic because I no longer have to take detours to avoid steep slopes. I can’t wait to take Woody and embark on a journey with my new bike.” In addition, Alaia said she enjoys the feeling of breeze brushing against the cheeks, which can take away the things leading her anxiety or always haunting her and make her feel better.

Alaia’s suggestions for those suffering from depression

Making decisions bravely

When we are consumed by worries and overthink things, we may end up not making a decision at all. However, not making a decision is also a decision in itself—it means rejecting both options.

Alaia tells us that in reality, we can never truly know if our choice is right or wrong. We can’t simply check off or cross out our choices like grading a test. We can only see the results of the path we choose, without being able to go back and see how the other option or not choosing either would have turned out. Sometimes, making comparisons can help us avoid obviously bad choices, but often it’s not that straightforward. In those moments, we need the courage to make decisive decisions and avoid excessive worries and concerns.

Express self demands bravely

Alaia said, “Many people who lack confidence, like myself, don’t enjoy socializing, and I am an extreme example of that. In the past, even making a phone call to customer service to address a defective product would make me fearful, silently enduring the frustration of receiving subpar items. But through cycling and witnessing breathtaking landscapes, my perspective changed. Advocating for my own legitimate rights, why should I be afraid?”

The process of expressing our needs is also a way of presenting ourselves to others, letting them know of our existence, our desires, and our boundaries. This is how we establish connections with others in social interactions.

Finally, if you are a one fond of riding but suffering depression, maybe you can ride an HiPEAK fat tire folding electric bike to weather some hard moment. Hoping that those who are deeply trapped in depression and cannot see hope can gradually rediscover the confident they should have.

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