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Studying the bible is fascinating as it opens an entire world of lessons and stories. A bible school is an excellent way to understand the bible and prepare for the future. Many schools offer Bible classes, but not all are accredited. Accredited Bible colleges are significant because they show that the school follows quality standards set by an accrediting agency.

A student must be aware that if they want to go on with graduate studies, some schools require it to have an accredited degree to apply for graduate programs. State agencies created this standard to create high professional education standards among institutions that provide courses at the postsecondary level (college).

How to find an accredited bible school

Here are a few pointers that can help you find an accredited Bible school:

Do your research

The number one thing is to do your thorough research. You must know what you’re looking for, where to find it, and how to interpret the given information.

There are many ways of researching on the internet. A student can visit a college search engine such as Collegiate Choice. There, you create an account and type in your current zip code or significant/degree program which you want to obtain, and it will bring up all the schools near your area and provide their contact information (if there is one) and accreditation status. It also provides students with average GPA, ACT scores, SAT score ranges, acceptance rates, costs per year (estimate), average starting salary upon completing a degree program, student-faculty ratio (important because teacher-to-student ratio makes and so much more.

From the comfort of your own home or while working, you may go to theology study online and work at your own pace.

Contact the schools you shortlist

After you have the schools lined up, you need to contact them ne after the other and ask as many questions as possible. You will need to ask about the following:

How long is the program? What are the requirements to get into the school? How much is it going to cost for me? Do they offer a scholarship? Is there financial aid available, and how do I apply for it? What classes are offered in your school? Can I transfer my credits or experiences from other schools or previous job experiences at work towards getting a degree at AWKNG School of Theology? These are more can really help you to get more information about the bible school.

Compare the schools

Start by asking yourself what makes AWKNG School of Theology different from other online Bible colleges or university programs that I’m looking into? AWKNG School of Theology is not only accredited, but AWKNG offers degrees in pastoral studies & biblical counseling with specializations in Christian ministry leaders and many more. You need to get all the pros and cons for each school and handpick the school that suits your needs best.

One place to start the comparison is the research you did which should entail looking at the websites. Compare the colleges on their websites, their rates, class hours, and any other thing you might need.

Things that will determine the accredited bible school to select


What is your price range? How much can you afford to pay each month? While it’s true that most bible schools are cheaper than traditional colleges, they vary in their pricing structures and fees. Can you get financial assistance through the school or any outside group? Compare cost between several online bible colleges before choosing one. But always go with one that will not dent your finances that you do not finish bible school.

Networking & Career Services

How many fellow students will I be learning alongside the online Bible college? The connections that the bible school offers are generous as they will be the ones that you will interact with within your online classes. Find out if there are alumni associations where you can meet other bible college graduates in person. Will the school be able to assist you when it comes to landing a job? While education is essential, networking and knowing people who can help get you started are crucial too.


What are the credentials of the faculty members teaching at the bible college? Do they have relevant experience in their fields? Look into what degrees each one holds and whether any organization or state licenses them. An excellent online Bible college should have qualified teachers that have real-world experience in their field of study. Check into that before committing to a particular program to avoid wasting your tuition fees when you enroll.

The class hours

This will mostly depend on whether you want to take up an online program or through distance learning. Generally, online Bible colleges have flexible class hours that will allow you to continue your job while studying to earn your degree. There are even many accredited bible college degrees offered entirely accessible to those who qualify. So pick one that can fit into your schedule best.

Why select an accredited bible school?

The primary purpose of an accredited Bible College is to make sure that any credits earned there are recognized everywhere else, allowing one to transfer freely from school to school. Most employers prefer applicants with accredited education over those without it, so if possible, you should see whether the degree you’re pursuing has accreditation status anywhere before signing up for classes. Make sure that whatever courses you choose will be accepted at other universities across the country, as well as locally, in case you relocate to another country.

It would be best if you remained relevant no matter where you go. Employers look for a degree that will get you the job you want, and a non-accredited school probably isn’t going to give it to you. Some schools offer degrees in particular fields without being accredited, but they charge more because of this. In general, if you already have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited school, you are better off.

And so, that is why an accredited bible college is essential. And now you know how to find one and why you need one.

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